I’m constantly searching for new and improved DIY home organization ideas to help manage and declutter my space.

I’m a super neat freak so I love to clean and tidy my home.

While on my search for organization and cleaning hacks, I came across some of the most amazing and oddly satisfying pictures of extremely organized rooms and spaces that literally made my heart skip a beat.

Too mesmerizing to pass by, I compiled a list of 13 super organized rooms by some of my favorite Home Organizers!  Keep scrolling below to check them out!

Learn how to organize your home like a professional. Check out these mesmerizing examples of perfectly organized spaces.

13 DIY Home Organization Ideas

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1.Use a shelving unit to store crafts and office supplies.

In this post I will share with you the top 13 DIY home organization ideas from professional home organizers around the world.

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I love how organized and neat this craft room shelving unit is! Using just a few magazine holders and binders, this unit alone could inspire crafters around the world to get super organized.

You can get this craft shelving unit, magazine holders and binders here, here and here.

2. Use clothes and shoe organizers to store household cleaning supplies.


Have you ever seen a cleaning closet more organized than this?  Using shoe organizers  as additional storage for cleaning supplies is pure genius! This closet is so neat I don’t think I would ever want to take anything out of it!

You can get the paper towel and cleaning supplies organizers here and here. 


3. Add hanging door racks to the inside of closet doors for extra space.


Wow. This craft room closet is simply amazing! How could ever expect to get anything done with this organized masterpiece in the room? I would leave the doors open all day! I love how every single item has a place and is perfectly in reach when you need it the most.

You can get the hanging door racks, pegboard, and plastic containers here, here and here. 

4. Neatly stack pillows and other linens in closet, save even more space with containers.


This organized linen closet doubling as pillow storage is so perfect. Using basker containers and canvas storage bins, Megan of Honey We’re Home pulls off the country chic decor effortlessly.

You can get similar basket containers and canvas storage bins here and here.


5. Take advantage of vertical space if you have a small closet.


Are you a victim of a small closet? Have no fear! The perfect solution to not having enough space is to go up! Create the “best and highest”

use of all vertical space in your closet by using hanging shoe and clothes organizers.

You can find similar clothes and shoe organizers here and here. 

6. Organize your kitchen pantry like a boss.


This kitchen pantry is so neat and perfectly organized. Loose food items are kept in glass containers and large food items are kept on the lower shelves for easier access.

You can get similar containers and wicker storage baskets here and here. 

7. Create more storage by neatly folding linens and towels.


You will be completely hooked on how everything in this linen closet is neatly folded and has it’s own special place. Using clear bins to store toiletries and installing extra shelves for storage space proves to be a very smart move.

You can get similar shelves, storage bins and canvas storage totes here, here and here. 

8.Get rid of bulky and misshapen product packages and store everything in containers.


Amazing! There is not a cereal box in sight or any other misshapen out place container to be exact. These square containers are huge space savers and maximize every inch and corner of this pantry.

You can get similar storage containers here.


9.Store items in your fridge in space saving storage containers.


You will never have to worry about spilled liquids or other items in your fridge again! Save time on cleaning and space by using clear refrigerator bins to store your goods. I love this idea!

You can get similar storage bins here.

10.Organize your closet by keeping shoes in clear labeled containers.


Get rid of your shoes boxes and get clear plastic containers that  will perfectly fits every nook and cranny of your shoe closet. I don’t think it gets any more perfect than this!

You can find similar shoe storage bins here. 

11. Use color coded folders to sort important documents in your home office.


This is how you organize an office! Keep all important documents in color coded folders so that everything is easy to find and remember. You can’t help but be mesmerized by bright and organized colors!

You can find similar folders here.

12. Install closet space savers if you have a ton of clothes and shoes.


You do not need a walk in closet to be able to achieve closet organizational perfection. The ClosetMaid System  was created to give you all the space you need plus more.

You can find the ClosetMaid System here.

13. Organize cookbooks in your pantry by creating extra space with food containers and canisters.


Another pantry that is so perfect that I can’t peel my eyes away! I love how the cookbooks are organized into a rainbow-inspired color theme. Taking food items out of their original packing and placing into space saving containers and canisters is unbelievable cool!

You can find similar containers and canisters here. 

These DIY home organization ideas are so inspiring! I couldn’t help but share these wonderful ideas of what I consider home organization perfection.

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