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Tiered trays are a home decor must-have.

You can use them to set the tone for holidays and special occasions or as a tool to store and organize items around your home.

Whatever the case may be, a tiered tray is very versatile and a convenient piece of decor that can fulfill a variety of needs.

If need inspiration on how to decorate a tiered tray or thinking about purchasing one then here are some helpful tips and ideas to get you started.

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What are Tiered Trays?

Tiered trays, also known as serving trays or tiered stands, have been around for centuries. Prior to becoming a popular home decor item, many were simply used to display baked goods such as pastries and cakes.

Tiered trays come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes making it incredibly easy to find one to fit your decor needs. So, it doesn’t matter if your tray is wood, metal, 2-tiered or 3-tiered, they all can be beautifully styled to complement any theme, holiday or occasion.


How to Style Tiered Trays

Tiered trays can be decorated using items readily found in your home such as cups, mugs and figurines but if you’re looking for themed or customizable sets, you can find vendors on websites such as Etsy.

Below you’ll find over 100 seasonal and holiday-themed trays to inspire you year-round.


Seasonal Tiered Tray Ideas


Spring Easter Bunny Tiered Tray | @vintage.magnolia
A Spring Garden Tiered Tray – The House on Silverado
Floral Spring Tiered Tray | MelDenver
Spring Tiered Tray with Yellow Tulips via Instagram @ourlilharrishomstead
Easter Tiered Tray Inspiration – Blogs By Aria
Spring Tiered Tray with Pink Flowers via Instagram @decorismypassion
Rustic Spring Tiered Tray – Liz Marie Blog
Simple Spring Tiered Tray – Mi Espacio Preferido
Farmhouse Spring Tiered Tray – Curly Crafty Mom
Tiered Tray Decor for Spring Ideas- Pretty DIY Home
Spring Gardening Tiered Tray | @allthedaycreations


Summer Tiered Tray with Pineapples | @k_jo_fin
Summer Beach Mermaid Tiered Tray | MelDenver
Summer Ice Cream Tiered Tray via Instagram @baileysbranches
Summer Tiered Tray with Lake Life Theme – Dining Delight
“Aloha” Summer Tiered Tray via Instagram @tieredtraysmakemesmile
Tropical Summer Tiered Tray via Instagram @myhouseofcarters
“Hello Summer” Beach Tiered Tray via Instagram @homedecor_by_carrie
Lemon Tiered Tray via Instagram @alwaysabbyleigh
Watermelon Tiered Tray via Instagram @ourblessednestof4

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Fall/ Autumn

Fall Tiered Tray – Aubrey Swan Blog
Farmhouse Fall Tiered Tray via Instagram @craftylittlemarket
Fall Tiered Tray with Sunflowers | VeryMiamiDesignCo
Fall Three Tiered Tray – Blogs by Aria
Pumpkin Spice Fall Tiered Tray via Instagram @yasminnnie
Fall Sunflower Tiered Tray – Petite Haus
Rustic Fall Tiered Tray via Instagram @lisa.ruck
Black Tiered Tray wit Fall Decor via Instagram @whitecedarcottage
Rustic Farmhouse Fall Tiered Tray | @55littlefarmcottagedrive

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Snowmen and Gnomes Winter Tiered Tray | @feltcreativhome
Winter Tiered Tray – Dining Delight
Cozy Winter Tiered Tray | @sparkhappytiers
Black and White Winter Tiered Tray | @sherisewsweet
Blue and White Winter Tiered Tray | MelDenver
Winter Ice Skates Tiered Tray | The Love Dwelling
Vintage Black Winter Tiered Tray | Rain and Pine
Winter Tiered Tray with Copper Decor | @velveteenandgrace
Rustic Winter Tiered Tray | Pinterest

Holiday Tiered Tray Ideas

Valentine’s Day

“Be Mine” Valentine’s Tiered Tray | Glittered Lovely
Cute Valentine’s Tiered Tray with Gnome | @austincreekfarmhouse
Valentine’s Day Pink Tiered Tray | @sharystudio
Valentine’s Rae Dunn Tiered Tray | @shiplapshanty
Pink and White Valentine’s Day Tiered Tray | MelDenver
Rustic Valentine’s Tiered Tray | @aubreyswanblog
Simple Valentine’s 2-Tiered Tray | @courtneyf3_
Farmhouse Valentine’s Tiered Tray | Blogs by Aria
Red Valentine’s Tiered Tray | @fauxwhipsandcreations
Red and Black Valentine’s Tiered Tray | The Painted Hinge

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St. Patrick’s Day

Farmhouse St. Patrick’s Day Tiered Tray |The House on Silverado
St. Patrick’s Day Tiered Tray with Bailey’s | @minnieanderson
St. Patrick’s Day Coffee Tiered Tray | A Simple Thread
“Lucky” St. Patrick’s Day Tray | @charmedstamping
St. Patrick’s Day Shamrocks Tiered Tray | Living on Cloud 9
Rustic Chic St. Patrick’s Day Tiered Tray | @acozyblessednest
Simple St. Patrick’s Day Tiered Tray | A Shade of Teal
St. Patrick’s Day Wood Tiered Tray | @helenas_place
Cute St. Patrick’s Day Tiered Tray | Dining Delight
“Luck of the Irish” St. Patrick’s Day Tiered Tray | @fort.howard.farmhouse

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Easter Bunny Tiered Tray | @littlecajunhouse
Rustic Easter Tiered Tray | The Crisp Collective
Farmhouse Easter Tiered Tray | Aubrey Swan Blog
Easter 3-Tiered Tray | Pinterest
Happy Easter Tiered Tray | @houseofharrell
Bright and Cute Easter Tiered Tray | Living on Cloud 9
White Easter Tiered Tray | @marketsevendesigns
Cute Easter Tiered Tray | @acozyblessednest
Easter Galvanized Tiered Tray | @shenandoahfarmhouse

Fourth of July / Independence day

Vintage Fourth of July Tiered Tray | @corbelcottage
Independence Day Tiered Tray | Pinterest
Fourth of July Tiered Tray | Pinterest
Fourth of July Party Tiered Tray | An Extraordinary Day
Simple Fourth of July Tiered Tray | @citygirl811
Fourth of July Gnome Tiered Tray | @houseonlouismeadow
Fourth of July Tray with Lemons | @farmtotablecreations
Patriotic Tiered Tray | Making Memories with My Minnies
Farmhouse Fourth of July Tiered Tray | @hammonshaven
Fourth of July 3-Tiered Tray | @daintyjea

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Spooky Halloween Tiered Tray | Blogs by Aria
Rae Dunn Halloween Tiered Tray | @jenna_designs
Cute Halloween Tiered Tray | The Love Dwelling
Rustic Halloween Tiered Tray | @miss_lulii
Teal and Black Halloween Tiered Tray | Lake Life State of Mind
Hocus Pocus Halloween Tiered Tray | @pumpkinandpinetattoo
Disney Mickey Mouse Halloween Tiered Tray | Picky Palate
Halloween Tiered Tray with Spider Webs | The Hamm Homestead
Beetlejuice Inspired Halloween Tiered Tray | @feltcreativehome
Halloween Pumpkin Tiered Tray | @rosa_zee

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Thanksgiving Tiered Tray | Celebrate and Decorate
Mickey Mouse Thanksgiving Tiered Tray | Picky Palate
Thanksgiving Tiered Tray with Pumpkins | Blogs by Aria
Simple Thanksgiving Tiered Tray | @handmade.by.elaine
Rae Dunn Thanksgiving Tiered Tray | @raedunnrun
Easy Thanksgiving Tiered Tray | It’s the Little Things
Thanksgiving TIered Tray with Copper Mugs | Crisp Collective
White and Black Buffalo Plaid Thanksgiving Tiered Tray | Minted Coral Designs
Thanksgiving Tiered Tray with Scarecrow Blocks | BowsnBlocks
Farmhouse Thanksgiving Tiered Tray | @califarmhousecharm

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Christmas 3-Tiered Tray | A Shade of Teal
Christmas 3-Tiered Tray with Gnome | @aliciaajvazquez
Christmas Hot Cocoa Tiered Tray | MelDenver
Christmas Mickey Mouse Disney Tiered Tray | Picky Palate
Christmas Black and White Plaid Tiered Tray | @cottagemillfarmhouse
Cute and Simple Christmas Tiered Tray | Laura Kebler Home
Christmas Black and White Buffalo Plaid Tiered Tray | Inspiration for Moms
Adorable Christmas Tiered Tray | @homestead.city.dwelling
Farmhouse Christmas Tiered Tray | The House on Silverado
Rae Dunn Inspired Christmas Tiered Tray | @feltcreativehome

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Where to Buy Tiered Trays

Tiered trays can be found almost anywhere but the most popular places to find quality trays would be at stores such as:

If you’re in search of a more budget-friendly option try visiting your local thrift store or neighborhood yard sale to find vintage items that you can paint and repurpose into your ideal tray.


How to Make Your Own Tiered Tray

Making your own tiered tray is great way to save money, especially if you’re creative and enjoy working with your hands.

Here are a few helpful articles and video tutorials to help guide you in creating your very own tray:



Tiered trays are a fun and very accommodating home decor item. You can dress them up or down, depending on the occasion.

Overall, decorating a tiered tray is a pretty awesome way to display all of the little things that bring you joy, no matter the holiday or season.