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Can you remember the last time that you actually cleaned around and underneath your refrigerator?

If your answer is “Never” then it’s definitely a task to add to your chore list.

Cleaning around your refrigerator is just a start, but there are several other overlooked germ ridden things and places in your home that you need to clean as soon as possible and they are all listed below.

If you really want to know where to look and find this hidden filth, then keep scrolling!

Hidden Filth in Your Home That You Need to Clean

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Here's a list ofsgusting things in your home that you forget to clean everyday.

1. Doorknobs

Think about how often your doorknobs are touched throughout the day. Now imagine these doorknobs remaining uncleansed for years. The image I have in head is definitely not a pretty one.

Your doorknobs are one of the most neglected things in your home in regards to cleaning and needs your attention asap.

Cleaning your doorknobs does not require much effort. You can simply use Clorox disinfecting wipes to quickly go over your them daily.

2. Kitchen Trash Can

When was the last time that you gave your trash can a deep cleaning? Repin if you need to that soon!Via The Kitchn

We use our trash cans daily, but how often do we clean it? Sometimes, our garbage bags rip open and our dinner’s drippings can lay at the bottom of them months (and sometimes years!).

If thinking about this makes you sick to your stomach here’s a quick solution: A least once a month, take your trashcan outside and rinse it out with hot water and a few splashes of Clorox bleach or vinegar to sanitize it and get rid of bad smells.

For an awesome tutorial on deep cleaning your trash can visit The Kitchn


3. TV Remote

Passing from one hand to the next, your TV remote is the perfect host for nasty bacteria and germs. I would definitely recommend wiping your TV remote with a disinfecting wipe at least weekly, if not daily.

4. Dish Sponges

Sanitize your kitchen sponge by placing it in the microwave for a few mintues. Repin if you need to this!Via Clean Mama

Dish sponges are used frequently but rarely cleaned. Your dish sponges could be home to disease-causing germs which I’m pretty sure anyone wouldn’t want in their house. Therefore, it is recommended to microwave your dish sponges for about 2 minutes to kill and prevent bacteria such as E.coli from contaminating your home.

For a full tutorial on sanitizing and cleaning your kitchen sponges, visit Clean Mama.


5. Hair Brushes and Combs

Your hair brushes and combs are full of accumulated dead skin cells, dirt, and other grime that needs to be removed as soon as possible. This residue could eventually damage your hair and scalp with long term use.

To clean your grooming tools, it is recommended to clear it of any hair before scrubbing with baby shampoo or soaking it in warm water mixed with a few teaspoons of baking soda.


6. Shower Curtains

Shower curtains (not just the liners!) can become mildewed over prolong use. Shower curtains are constantly exposed to warm, damp air so it’s no wonder that it would be a pretty good place for mold to grow. In other words, cleaning your shower curtain is a must!

At least twice a month, remove your shower curtain and either place it in your washing machine or allow it to soak in warm water and a few cups of vinegar. Allow it to air dry outside, preferably in the sun for a few hours.

7. Light Switches

Light switches, we all use them (unless we have those fancy “clap on-clap off” lights) but many of us forget to clean them, especially the ones in our bathrooms- yuck!

Well, it’s time your give your neglected light switches a deep clean. Start by using a warm, soapy wash cloth to scrub away any gooey or icky substances and finishing with a disinfecting wipe. Q

8. Toothbrush Holder

Yes, this is the inside of a toothbrush holder. Please check your toothbrush holders for mold and throw them away!Via Family Share

Have you taken a look inside of your toothbrush holder lately? What you may see will alarm you.  Many of us use toothbrush holder daily but never bother cleaning it.

The horrible truth is this, water will drip from your brush down into the bottom of the container where it will sit and eventually become a habitat for mold and other bacteria.

9. Refrigerator

How to clean your refrigerator coils. Repin if you agree that you need to clean under your fridge asap!via One Good Thing By Jillee

The top and bottom of your refrigerator can get really dirty. Since the top of your refrigerator is really out of sight, it can become easily forgotten weekly chore and quickly become covered with icky dust over the years.

The same goes for the grate at the bottom of your fridge. Your refrigerator coils can get really dirty, so you need to check them out every month to make sure they are free of dirt and grime. Click here for an amazing tutorial on how to clean your refrigerator coils.

10. Baseboards

Clean every nook and cranny of your house with these amazing house cleaning tips and tricks.Via The Country Chic Cottage

Baseboards are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning your home. To get rid of dust and dirt that can collect over time, simply wipe your baseboard with a Magic Eraser or your favorite cleaner and rub with a dryer sheet to prevent future dust from collecting.


11. Utensil Drawer

The utensil drawer is a breeding ground for bacteria and left over food crumbs. (No idea how they get in there!) But it would be a good idea to dump everything out, and clean your drawer with a sanitizing spray at least once a month.

12. Dishwasher

Clean every nook and cranny of your house with these amazing house cleaning tips and tricks.Via One Good Thing By Jillee

Your dishwasher is very deserving of a deep clean every couple of weeks. After running countless cycles of washing dirty dishes, we often overlook the dirt and grime that can build up after use.

For a detailed tutorial on how to clean your dishwasher visit One Good Thing By Jillee.

13. Toaster

If you use your toaster often, dried bread crumbs and grease can build up in and around your toaster oven. It always a good idea to remember to sweep in and around your toaster with a simple paintbrush.

14. Washing Machine & Dryer

Repin if you need to clean your washing machine after seeing this!Via The Melrose Family

If you have a front-load washing machine, the front flaps can get extremely dirty. At least once a month, it will help to deep clean your washer and dry removing all dirt, grime and lint.

For the full detailed tutorial visit The Melrose Family.


15. Ceiling fans

Ceilings fans are notorious for collecting dust and if you neglect them long enough your ceiling fan blades can get pretty nasty. If you want a quick and easy way to clean your cleaning fan blades, use a pillow case. Simply enclose the ceiling fan blade with the pillow case and with a simple swipe, all dirt and grime can be conveniently tossed away.

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