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Get into the Halloween spirit with these fun, easy and seriously spooky baked cookie ideas.

From spiders to ghosts, you’ll find the most creative ways to decorate your cookies for Halloween.

So, get your oven ready and keep scrolling below to be inspired!

1. Monster Eyes Cookies – Adding candy eyes to these colorful cookies make them even more spooky and the perfect treat for Halloween. | via Lil Luna

2. Peanut Butter Spider Cookies – It turns out that spiders can actually be a pretty sweet and tasty treat. | via  Crafty Morning

3. Voodoo Doll Cookies – No need to stick pins in these because they are sure to be gobbled up quickly. | via Not Quite Nigella

4. Vampire Cookies – Even Count Dracula himself wouldn’t turn down these delicious cookies! | via Midget Momma

5. Nutter Butter Ghost Cookies – Nutter Butter cookies are perfect for this no-bake Halloween treat. Use candy or icing for the eyes. | via Mom Dot

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6. Melted Witch Cookies – These cookies are fun to make and even more fun to eat! | via The Idea Room

7. Butterfinger Frankenstein Cookies – Turn your favorite candy into ghoulish faces to make easy Halloween cookies that are seriously cute and spooky. | via Design Eat Repeat

8. Mummy Cookies – It will be hard to keep these cookies “under wraps” because they delicious! | via Not Quite Susie

9. Chocolate Monster Cookies – These little monsters will attract all kinds of goons and goblins so make sure to double up! | via Sugar Salt Magic

10. Zombie Cookies- Oh my! How the tables have turned. Turn brain eating zombies into a tasty baked treat. | via  The Keeper of the Cheerios

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11. Killer Cookies – No need to whip out the butcher knife for this one. Get your scare on with these killer cookies. | via Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

12. Vampire Bite Cookies – It’s said that a vampire bite can make you immortal but these vampire bitten cookies will be gone in minutes. | via Ashlee Marie

13. Witch Fingers – Beware! These creepy cookies might cause a scare but are guaranteed to be delicious.| via Simply So Good

14. Tombstone Cookies – Not all tombstones mean the end, especially for these cookies. They’ll be a party hit year after year. | via The First Year

15. Zombie Brain Cookies – These brain garnished cookies will make any sweet-tooth zombie delight. | via  Nerdy Mamma

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