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When it comes to life, sometimes you want things to be a little easier. Lucky for you, in this post you’ll find 18 super helpful life hacks that will definitely make your days go by smoother. Keep reading to be inspired!

Random Life Hacks

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1. Use a pill case to organize and store jewelry when traveling. 

When traveling you should buy a pill case from the dollar store to organize small jewelry.

Mental Floss

When you are planning a trip and would like to bring some of your favorite accessories along, use a simple pill case to store your rings, earrings and other small jewelry.

2. You should ALWAYS buy these items at the dollar store to save money. 

According to Mint, when it comes to saving extra money every month remember to purchase candy, frozen food, bread and produce from the dollar store. These items are always cheaper at the discount store versus at a larger retailer or supermarket.

3. Use old bread tags for cord organization.

Use old bread tags to organize cords.

Apartment Geeks

Whenever you purchase bread, remember to save the tags! These can be reused to create tags that’ll help keep your cords organized.

4. Prevent sweat stains with a pantyliner. 

Use a pantyliner in the armpit seam of your favorite shirt to prevent sweat stains.


When wearing one of your favorite shirts, you can simply attach a pantyliner on the armpit seam to prevent sweat stains.

5.  Fold chip bags using a simple origami technique. 

Using this simple technique, you can fold your chip bag and never have to use a clamp ever again!

No need to waste money on a bag clamp! You can use this simple origami technique to keep your bag of chips closed and fresh for longer. For the full instructions visit here. 

6. If broken glass is on the floor, clean it up with a slice of bread. 

Use a slice of bread to clean glass off the floor that's hard to see with the naked eye.

Of course after sweeping up the larger pieces of broken glass, it’s a good idea to go over the area with a slice of bread or lint roller to pick up smaller pieces of glass that are hard to see with the naked eye.

7. Use your coffee maker to get instant hot water for your foods. 

Use your Keurig to get instant hot water for foods such as noodles.


If you have a coffee maker that can create hot water almost instantly, like a Keurig, it can be really be really useful when preparing foods such as noodles and oatmeal. Just don’t forget to remove the coffee pod beforehand!

8. Use rice to dry wet electronics. 

If your phone falls in water, place it in dry rice to absorb water.

Apartment Geeks

If you’ve accidentally dropped your phone in a water, you might be able to save it with this hack! Remove the battery if possible and place it in a closed container of dry rice for a day.

9. You can keep avocado fresh for longer with an onion. 

If you want your avocado to stay fresh for longer, place it in a container with a freshly cut onion.

The Kitchn

You can keep your avocados fresh for days and prevent them from turning brown by simply placing it in an airtight container with a freshly cut onion.

10. Cut a watermelon this way for easy eating. 

Cut a watermelon this way to make it easier to eat, especially for younger children.

Mama Say What shared an amazing way to cut watermelon which makes it easier to eat by simply cutting it horizontally and vertically. This cutting technique is great for barbecues or picnics! Check out the full post here.

11. Store emergency cash in a sanitary napkin wrapper. 

Teach your daughters to hide money in inconspicuous places to prevent theft.

Dump a Day

When traveling or out and about, you can store emergency cash and cards in a sanitary wrapper. This is item that is least likely to be stolen or rummaged through.

12. Rub wax paper on a zipper to get it unstuck. 

Rub wax paper on a zipper to help get it unstuck.

One Crazy House

Wax paper can be rubbed on a zipper to help get it unstuck. The leftover wax will also help it zip a lot smoother. Give it a try!

13. Always buy the Sunday newspaper. 

The Sunday newspaper is always chock full of coupons that can you use to save extra bucks at the grocery store. The money you’ll save will greatly outweigh the cost of paper.

14. When you’re short on batteries, try this aluminum foil trick. 

Our Daily Ideas

When your remote requires AA batteries and you only have AA or smaller batteries, you can roll up a piece of aluminum foil to fill the space.

15. Use hand sanitizer to remove armpit odor in a pinch. 

Ever left home and forgot to put on deodorant? I know I have, luckily the Thought Catalog has an entire list of tips on keeping yourself smelling fresh all the time. My favorite is the tip of using hand sanitizer and a paper towel to quickly kill armpit odors. What a life saver!

16. Cut open a tennis ball and use it as a jar opener. 

If you need extra grip when it comes to opening jars, use a tennis ball.


Here’s a really handy trick! Cut open a tennis ball and use it as a tool that’ll make opening jars a lot easier.

17. Place your kitchen sponges in the dishwasher. 

Keep your sponges smelling fresh by simply tossing them into the dishwasher along with your dishes. This will greatly increase their sink life.

18. Create meal baskets for each day of the week to save time and money. 

Plan your weekly meals out and place them in meal baskets to save time and money.

The Seeley family uses an amazing meal planning technique that saves so much time and money. They print out the recipes they are going to use for the week and place them in a basket with the required ingredients. This is a genius way to keep you meals on track and to ensure that you are not overspending at the store.

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