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If you’re ready to throw the perfect boo-zy Halloween party then look no further.

In this post, you’ll find 18 spookily delicious Halloween cocktails that all your party guests will enjoy.

From Witch’s Brew to Poison Apples, serve up some of the best ghoulish drinks that will make even the scariest witches, goons and goblins scream in delight.

18 Halloween Cocktail Ideas

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1. Witch’s Brew

This delicious brew can be made with less than 5 ingredients. Lime jello, fruit juice, vodka and sprite makes the perfect combo for a spooky yet yummy Halloween drink. | via Homemade Hooplah


2. Black Magic

This shimmering mysterious black elixir is mesmerizing and will definitely cast a spell on you! | via Elle Talk


3. Poison Apple

This drink is a party hit! Serve this cocktail to your guests to really get the party started.| via Delish

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4. The Grave Digger

This smoking cocktail will send some your guest to graveyard begging for more!| via Boulder Locavore


5. Sweet Poison

Who knew poison could taste so sweet? This wicked mix of spirits will definitely be a party favorite. | via Delish


6. Bloody Mary Syringes

These bloody cocktails are a perfectly creepy Halloween party cocktail. | via Delish

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7. Black Magic 

Another unique spin on the classic “screwdriver” cocktail, featuring licorice as an after shot treat. | via Tesco


8. Butter Beer

This Harry Potter inspired beverage featuring the perfect blend of ginger beer and cream soda will have your party guests begging for more.  | via HGTV


9. Candy Corn Cocktail

A Halloween candy favorite can be turned into a sweet cocktail made especially for adults. | via Tammilee Tips

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10. The Purple People Eater

This perfectly purple cocktail is creepily delicious! | via Homemade Hooplah


11. The Haunted Highball

With a simple dry-erase marker and a little creativity, you can upgrade these cocktail glasses into a spooky drink for your party guests. | via Inspired by Charm


12. White Fright

Top this cocktail with a bit of cotton candy to turn this freaky cocktail into delightful treat. | via Cosmopolitan

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13. Witches Brew

This glowing cocktail with a black sugar garnished rim is the perfect drink for your Halloween festivities. | via The Chunky Chef


14. Jack-o-Lantern Cocktail

This pumpkin orange cocktail featuring rum and lemonade can be a sweet tasting drink that will woo all the witches and zombies at your party. | via Cooking with Curls


15. The Walking Dead

For all the zombies out to eat brains on Halloween, serve up these cute and tasty cocktails to keep them distracted. | via Cupcakes and Cashmere

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16. Magic Cotton Candy

This fun and colorful drink is perfect for Halloween! | via The Cookie Rookie


17. The Poisoned Apple Pie

This spooky cocktail gets it dark and mysterious color from a couple of pinches of activated charcoal. You’ll definitely want to add this drink to the top of your fright night cocktail menu. | via Cosmopolitan


18. Voodoo Juice

Your party guests will rave over this Voodoo juice that’s a delicious mix of pomegranate and orange juice with a splash of vodka. | via Cooking with Curls