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Cooking your meals with an air fryer is the perfect medium between frying food in the skillet and baking it in an oven.

Your food gets that tasty, crunchy texture without all the grease and unhealthy fats from using oil.

The following 25 recipes are tasty, delicious, and super easy to make. So, break out your air fryer and let’s get to cooking

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1. Garlic & Parm Green Bean Fries

Yum, yum, yum! This air fryer recipe adds a major dash of flavor to bland green beans. All it takes is a little bit of garlic, bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, flour, and eggs. | via Adventures of a Nurse


2. Air Fryer Salmon

Salmon in an air fryer is not only delicious but uber healthy and quick. Remember, a dash of lemon juice goes a long way. Shop best-selling Air Fryers HERE. | via Simply Home Cooked


3. Cajun Shrimp Dinner

Cajun shrimp, sausage, spices, and tons of veggies make this a rich protein + nutrient meal. This air fryer recipe makes enough to serve a few family members, but you might just want it all to yourself! | via Skinny Taste


4. Easy Air Fryer Roasted Broccoli

For all your vegans and vegetarians out there, this one is for you. Roasted broccoli is tasty and filling on its own, but it can be paired with almost any major entrée. | via Stay Snatched


5. Chicken Parmesan

The traditional method of cooking chicken parm is not so healthy. Thank you, air fryer! This recipe will show you how to make easy, delicious chicken parm that is also (mostly) healthy. | via Julie’s Eats and Treats

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6. Apple Pies

Mmmm, good ole apple pies- a classic pastry. | via All Recipes


7. Air Fryer Cauliflower

Cauliflower is a gorgeous vegetable base that tastes good with just about any seasoning. Roasting it in an air fryer gives it a golden crunch. | via Entertaining with Beth


8. Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

This is an easy air fryer vegetable recipe the whole family will love. | via Self-Proclaimed Foodie

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9. Blooming Onion

Onion is a flavor-packed staple for many dishes, but did you know you can air fry a whole onion (covered in batter) to create an appetizer? Trust us, it is delicious. | via Blue Jean Chef


10. Toasted Ravioli

Say bye-bye to canned, flimsy ravioli and say hello to crunchy ravioli done right. They are almost like Totino’s pizza rolls- but way better. | via An Affair from the Heart


11. Crunchy Kale Chips

You will love these crunchy, easy, homemade keto-friendly kale chips to snack on. | via Live Eat Learn


12. Crab Cakes

Wow. This air fryer recipe is one of our favorites with a quick cook time, minimal ingredients, and loads of flakey crab goodness. | via My Forking Life


13. Stuffed Taco Peppers

Savory, spicy, and ultimately scrumptious stuffed bell peppers! | via Skinny Southern Recipes


14. Crispy Potatoes

You really can’t got wrong with potatoes for a side dish. This recipe is healthy- with a kick. | via I Wash You Dry


15. Fried Chicken

An air fryer means enjoying your fave fried chicken recipe without all the grease. | via From Valerie’s Kitchen


16. Stuffed Jalapenos

Ready for a savory snack with a picy, flavorful kick? Then you’ll definitely want to give these delicious stuffed jalapenos a try. | via Stay Snatched 


17. Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts

This recipe might not be healthy, but it is very easy and coated in sweetness. | via Julie’s Eats and Treats


18. Onion Rings

Nothing says comfort food like crispy, savory, homemade onion rings. | via Stay Snatched


19. Taquitos

This easy air fryer recipe serves three and makes for a wonderful Mexican-inspired appetizer. | via Entertaining with Beth


20. Savory Meatballs

This is a classic, easy, minimal-ingredient appetizer with a unique spin. | via Air Fryer Eats

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21. Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Seafood lovers rejoice! This yummy take on bacon wrapped scallops is a delicious and extremely easy meal to make. | via The Food Hussy


22. Air Fried Porkchop

Cook up tender and delicious pork chops with your air fryer with this quick and simple recipe. | via Noshtastic

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23. Cream Cheese Wontons

This is a quick recipe for classic cream cheese filled wontons, flavored with chives and green onions. | via Stay Snatched


24. Air Fried Peaches

If you love dried fruit, then give these air fried peaches a try. They are sweet, tender and are a healthy alternative for a sugary dessert.  | via Gastroplant


25. Cheesy Bread

Cheese bread is a wonderful complementary side to homemade pizza. You might be surprised at how easy it is to make in an air fryer. | via Mason Fit

That wraps up our 25 tasty and easy Pinterest-approved recipes you can quickly make in an air fryer. Your air fryer will soon become your best friend when you use it for any of these dishes- or even your own recipe. Happy cooking!