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Organizing your bathroom can be a fun and easy task.

Whether you want to save space or minimize clutter, these simple bathroom organization ideas will help to keep your bathroom super neat and organized.

Keep scrolling below to check out more than 25 easy ways to keep your bathroom tidy!

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1. Use bins to organize your bathroom drawer and minimize clutter. 

Drawer bins can be a quick, easy and even stylish way to keep your bathroom drawers neat and organized. | via Mommy Suite

via Blesser House


2. Repurpose a bookcase into an over-the-toilet storage area for bathroom essentials.

A bookcase can be repurposed into an over-the-toilet storage area for toiletries and other items. | via Pinterest


3. Use stackable bins for under-the-sink storage.

Use stackable storage bins to save space under your sink and to keep your bathroom essentials neat and organized. Get these bins HERE. | via @thelighterhome


4. Use vertical racks for towel storage. 

Not only are vertical towel racks aesthetically pleasing but they can also save you a ton of space in your bathroom. | via Magnolia Lane

via Flickr

5. For a shared bathroom, use labeled baskets for storage.

When sharing a small bathroom with others, assign a basket to everyone to minimize clutter and keep things organized. | via Crafting in the Rain

6. Use seperate bins for your morning and nightime routines. 

Keep morning and nightime essentials in seperate bins under the sink to keep your bathroom countertops clutter free. | via Style Your Senses


7. Use a rolling cart to store makeup and other items.

A rolling cart is great for storing makeup and other grooming products. When not in use, it can be simply rolled into your bathroom closet. | via Who is Mocca

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via Advice from a Twenty-something


8. Label plastic bins to organize medications and first aid supplies.

Keep all medicine and first aid supplies neatly organized by storing them in labeled bins. | via u/littlestronghome

via Alejandra.tv

via Calculating Blessings


9. Use a tiered tray for bathroom storage.

Tiered trays look great and they can also help you maximize vertical space in a small bathroom. Shop tiered trays HERE. |  via Instagram @thefarafix

 via Golden Boys & Me


10. Use cabinet doors to store essentials. 

The area behind your bathroom cabinet doors can be utilized to store extra items such as hair accessories, grooming tools and even dental hygiene essentials. | Via Redo It Yourself Inspirations

via Sugar Bee Crafts

Using command strips, install toothbrush holders to the inside of your cabinet doors to save counter space. via Clean and Scentsible


11. Use wire bins for space saving storage.

A wire bin can be a stylish way to store extra toilet paper in your bathroom while saving space. | via A Bowl Full of Lemons


via This Charming Life

12. Repurpose a shower organizer to store other bathroom essentials. 

Install a hook on your bathroom wall and hang a shower caddy on it to store hygiene and grooming essentials. | via Bright on the Day


13. Use a decorative ladder for extra storage space.

A decorative ladder can be made into practical storage by adding a few baskets on the rungs. |via Clean and Scentsible


14. Install a tension rod in your shower to hang additional shower caddies. 

If you share a bathroom with friends or family, place a tension rod along the edge of your shower to hang additional shower caddies. Shop shower caddies HERE. | via Pinterest


15. Use floating shelves to maximize vertical wall space.

Install floating shelves on free wall space to create additional storage room for toiletries and other bathroom essentials. Shop floating shelves HERE.  | via The Frugal Homemaker

via Graceful Order


16. Use basket for extra storage.

A simple basket can be placed on top of your toilet lid to store extra tissue and other items. | via Steph Jolly


17. Use acrylic shelving for makeup storage and organization.

Acrylic shelving is very sturdy and is great for storing and organizing makeup. | via Pampadour


18. Repurpose candy jars for cosmetic storage. 

Candy jars make great storage containers for cosmetics such as lipstick and fingernail polish. | via Cosmopolitan


19. Use an over-the-door organizer for additional storage. 

An over-the-door organizer is perfect for storing hair products and other bathroom supplies. | via Blue i Style

via Advice from a Twenty Something


20. Get rid of bulky bottles to save space.

Huge, bulky bottles for common grooming and hygiene can be replaced with slimmer and aesthetically pleasing containers. | via Ameblo

via Julep Style

via Almost Makes Perfect