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My mom is always sharing her best tidbits on life with me so I decided to create a post of some of the things that she has taught me through the years.

You may or may not have heard of some of these but I hope that you do find something that could be really helpful and improve your life in some way like it has mine!

Life Hacks from Mom

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1. Spray measuring cups with cooking spray or rinse with hot water before putting something sticky in them. This makes them easier to clean.

2. Don’t reheat pizza in the microwave! It will make the crust soggy. Instead heat on the stove in a frying pan on medium to low heat.

3. When having a picnic or barbeque outside, place cotton balls soaked in Pine-sol near the the food and eating areas. Flies and mosquito hate them.

4. You can also rub down your clothes with a dryer sheet before going outside to keep mosquitoes away.

5. Cloudy days are the best days to wash windows.

6. Rainy days are always the best days to clean the house.

7. Keep a lint roller in your kitchen drawer. It’s helpful for picking up broken glass. You can also use cotton balls to do the same.

8. When you buy cake frosting from the store whip it to make it expand. Also run your spreading knife under hot water to warm the knife and make the frosting easier to spread.

9. If you have to reopen an envelope, place it in the freezer for a few hours. It will release the seal.

10. Make toilets easier to clean by letting your cleaner sit overnight before going to bed. In the morning, flush as usual.

11. Prevent static cling on your skirts and pants by attaching a saftey pin to the inside seam. This will discharge static electricity.

12. Use hair conditioner to shave your legs.

13. When reheating biscuits or bread in the microwave, place a cup of water in with it. Will prevent the bread from drying out and keep it moist.

14. Get rid of ants for good. Sprinkle grits or cornmeal where you see their trails. They can’t digest it and it kills them.

15. When you buy your kid a bike, write their initials under the seat. If it’s stolen and found later, you’ll be able to identify it.

16. If your dishwasher has a smell, place a cup of vinegar inside and run a normal cyle.

17. Everybody hates cleaning. so just shut up and do it. It’s better for your mind, body and spirit to live in a clean home.

18. Use olive oil to shine stainless steel appliances and wood funiture.

19. Add a few spoonful of plain oatmeal to your soups. This will make them thicker and taste richer.

20. Add a few pinches of salt to a pot of boiling eggs to make them easier to peel.

21. Use unscented dental floss to cut cakes.

22. Keep a dry board eraser in your car to clean foggy windshields in a hurry.

22. After buying a car, make sure to get jumper cables. Women, learn how to jump your car and change a flat tire.

23. Keep your toilet paper rolls. They can be used to store cables and as a vaccum attachment for hard to reach places.

24. Its ok to take breaks and have time to yourself. Never feel guilty about it.

25. Tell your friends and family that you love them everyday.

26. Old eggs float.

27. Remember when cleaning your home to work from top to bottom. Also rememer to dust first, sweep, vaccum then mop. Never the opposite.

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