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Whether your taste is traditional or contemporary, window shutters can enhance any décor.

Window shutters enhance the beauty of your home as well as provide you a lot of advantages such as blocking the sun rays and stormy weather when you close your window shutters.

Thus, window shutters are the best choice to enhance the beauty of your home.

Top 3 Types of Window Shutters to Enhance Your Home Decor

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There are mainly three types of window shutters or plantation shutters available in the market and you can choose any one out of these three types of window shutters.

Understanding the different materials used in making plantation shutters can be confusing.

Real wood shutters, Vinyl shutters, and composite shutters are the main three types of window shutters where wood, PVC, and faux is used as the main material.

Choosing shutter styles that'll enhance your curve appeal

Real Wood Shutters


Real wood shutters are made of real wood.

The advantage of using real wood especially basswood in making shutters is that it is very light in weight and very strong to provide strength to shutters. Because it is a real wood, you can transform it into different shapes and you can use custom shapes and sizes with real wood.

You can also paint and stain it, which is not possible in case of vinyl shutters.

The common misconception about wood is that the wood is significantly lighter than the hollow vinyl or composite shutters.

Most people think that vinyl is plastic and thus it is going to be lighter, but it is not true; the vinyl and composites are extremely heavy compare to the wood ones because it is such a dense material and thick and heavy also.

Give your house a facelift with new shutters!

Composite Shutters


It is very difficult to find which one is the real wood shutter and which one is the composite shutter as the look of both is the same.

These are all true faux shutters and mostly coated with PVC.

Here the coating of PVC is used to protect the inner wood layer. Composite shutters are very good insulators of electricity.

They are good as compare to wood when comes to the feature of moisture resistance, but they are not as much water resistant as compare to vinyl shutters.

Give your house a facelift with new styled shutters.

Vinyl Shutters


Vinyl shutters are basically made up of PVC that has no wood in it.

It has aluminum inserts to provide it strength and stability.

Mostly Vinyl comes in white and off white. Vinyl shutters are a little expensive as well as they are moisture resistant.

In higher moisture areas the vinyl shutters work very well. But besides these advantages, the vinyl shutters can’t support its own weight for very large sizes so you have size limitations with vinyl shutters else they are great in use when aluminum is inserted in these shutters and thus become durable too.

Vinyl clad is where hard wood is put inside the hollow vinyl to help it strength and durability; thus make a shutter with wood with a vinyl wrap to make it moisture resistant and to provide it durability and strength.

How to choose the best shutter styles for your home.

Traditionally people used to buy real wood shutters, but now if you compare the qualities then you can make another choice now.

All types of window shutters have their unique specifications like some advantages and disadvantages. You can buy according to your needs and requirements.

Do some homework before buying any one of these window shutters, know their advantages and disadvantages before placing an order or before buying.

Then choose the one in which you get the best quality in your budget according to your needs.

Check the company’s BBB rating online before placing an order to the company. it will help you to find the good quality material shutters at low cost.