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In this post, you will find quick and easy tips that’ll teach you how to clean your shower faster.

If you want to save time cleaning your shower, then these hacks are a must-know!

Shower Cleaning Tips

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1. Clean hard to reach areas with a Bleach pen. 

Clean hard to reach areas in your shower with a Bleach pen.

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A Clorox Bleach pen is perfect for spot treatments and cleaning areas that are hard to reach such as between grout tiles and shower corners.

2. Prevent back pain by scrubbing your tub with a broom. 

Prevent back pain with this smart way to clean your shower.

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This is a brilliant way to clean your tub all the while preventing back pain. Use a broom and your favorite cleaner to scrub away with ease.

3. Use aluminum foil to clean soap scum from your shower doors. 

Clean soap scrum from your shower doors with aluminum foil


Make a ball out of aluminum foil and using your favorite bathroom cleaner, you can easily scrub away soap scum and grime on your glass doors with ease.

4. Soak your shower head overnight in a bag of vinegar. 

Soak your shower head in vinegar overnight to remove hard water buildup.

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Fill a small bag with vinegar and place your shower head in it overnight. This will remove hard water build-up making your shower head look and spray like new again.

5. Make your own shower cleaner using two ingredients. 

Clean you shower while you bath. Kills two birds with one stone!

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Fill a dish wand with Dawn dish soap and white vinegar. Keep this in your shower to scrub away soap scum and mildew. This homemade mixture is non-toxic and works just as great if not better than store brand shower cleaners.

I hope you enjoyed these very simple shower cleaning tips! As always, Happy Cleaning!

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