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If you need inspiration for the perfect couples Halloween costume then this is it.

Here’s the ultimate list of 50 couples costumes ideas that are budget-friendly and easy to DIY.

From pop culture icons to nostalgic cartoon favorites, you’ll find some of the most creative costume ideas below that will have you and your “boo” turning heads all night long.

Keep scrolling to check them out!

50 Best DIY Halloween Costumes Ideas for Couples

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1. The Addams Family

via Instagram @sophiet

2. Chucky and The Bride

via Instagram @lifeoftanyamarie


3. Orange is the New Black

via Instagram @isaisanisa


4. Stranger Things

A Beautiful Mess

via Instagram @farronnicole


5. Riverdale

via Instagram @kimvaldez8

6. Space Jam- Lola & Bugs Bunny

via Instagram @squid.fro


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7. Willy Wonka

via Instagram @scottymunster


8. Fixer Upper- Chip & Joanna Gaines

via Instagram @lexiiiwaetzig


9. Bob Ross

via C.R.A.F.T


10. Filter & No Filter

via Instagram @forever_greene


11. Monster’s Inc.- Boo & Sully

DIY Couples Costume for Halloween: Boo and Sully! Love this! Repin!



12. Mermaid & Sailor

via Maggie Gritton

13. Pinata & Birthday Boy

Morena’s Corner


14. Fairy Oddparents- Cosmo & Wanda

via Twitter @clairelizaD


15. Chick Magnet

via Instagram @megandcatie


16. Winnie the Pooh & Christopher Robin

Incredibly adorable winnie the pooh couples costume! Love it! Repin!

Chessmen and Coffee

via Instagram @laureninbold


17. Strawberry & Farmer

Studio DIY

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18. Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Couples Costume! Yes! Repin!

Dreaming in DIY


19. Velma & Shaggy

I want to be Velma! Love this couples costume for Halloween. Repin!

One Crazy House

20. Referees

via Instagram @matchingcouple101


21. Lightning Strike

Lightening and thunder couples costume for Halloween! OMG! Repin

The Chive


22. The Greatest Showman

via Instagram @thesugaredlemon


23. Bob’s Burgers

Bob and Linda from Bob's Burger Halloween Costume for Couples. How sweet is this!



24. Blue’s Clues

Blue's Clues DIY Halloween Costume! How creative! Repin!

Costume Works


25. Curious George

via Instagram @vanessaindallas


26. Little Red Riding Hood 

Little Redi Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf Halloween Costume. So repinning this!



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27. 80s Aerobics Trainers

via Instagram @noexcusefitmom


28. Old Spice & Loofah

So cute! Old spice and body scrubber Halloween costume for couples.

Big DIY Ideas


29. CatDog

Good Housekeeping

30. Rick & Morty

Caption this! Then repin! Love this Rick and Morty couples costume for halloween!

Costume Works


31. Recess- TJ & Spinelli

via Instagram @kaykayclapp


32. A Goofy Movie- Roxanne & Powerline

Savannah Smiled


33. Arthur & Buster 

Arthur and Buster Halloween costume for couples. I love this! Repin!



34. Flamingo & Garden Gnome

Garden gnome and flamingo lawn ornaments Halloween costume! So cute!

Costume Works


35. Dumb & Dumber

Cute couple costume for Halloween! Repin !


36. Breaking Bad

ICONIC! Walter white and blue sky breaking bad Halloween costume. Love this! Repin!

Stay Glam

37. Back to the Future

Doc and Marty McFly! Back to the Future couples costume. I really like this!

Friday Were In Love


38. Pokemon- Pikachu & Ash

So cute! Instead I would be Ash and I would make my husband Pikachu lol Love This Repin!

Costume Works


39. The Office- Pam & Jim

THe Office- Pam Beesly and Jim Halpert Halloween Costume. Repin!

Dreaming in DIY

39. Mime Artists

New Darlings

40. Starbucks Drink & Barista

via Instagram @beeefreed

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41. Steven Universe- Ruby & Sapphire

yuri valhalla cosplay


42. Matilda & Ms. Trunchbull

Costume Works


43. Peter Pan & Tinkerbell

via Instagram @colbyskisses


44. Mario & Luigi



45. Harry Potter & The Snitch



46. Bonnie & Clyde

via Instagram @biffbrown


47. The Grinch & Cindy Lou

via Instagram @theperfecthousewife


48. Colonel Sanders & Chicken 


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49. Kim Possible

Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable Halloween Couple's Costume Idea. Love this!

 AC Paradise


50. Peter Pan & His Shadow

via Instagram @theresalaforest