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I must admit, cleaning an oven is not the most glamorous job but someone has to do it!

When your oven glass and racks are covered in icky grease and baked on food then you know that its time for a deep clean.

In this post I will share with you 7 easy ways to clean your oven and make it sparkle like new again.

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7 Ways to Clean Your Oven

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1.Spray oven racks with cleaner and place in resealable bags. 

Remove oven racks and spray them with your favorite oven cleaner, Place them in resealable bags for 30 minutes. Rinse off with warm water and your oven racks will look good as new.

Photo courtesy of Peapod Labs

For this oven cleaning hack, courtesy of Imogen Blake of the Daily Mail, you will want to completely remove your oven racks and spray them with a strong oven cleaning solution such as Easy Off Oven and Grill Cleaner. Place your oven racks in large resealable bags for approximately 30 minutes.  Finally, rinse off the oven racks with warm water and they will sparkle like new.

2. Clean up burnt food residue at the bottom of your oven with this homemade cleaner.

Make an eco-friendly oven cleaner out of oranges and vinegar. Sprinkle baking soda on the hard to remove burnt on food residue, then spray with this homemade cleaner.


For those who do not like to clean with harsh chemicals, this eco-friendly oven cleaner is perfect for you. First you will sprinkle baking soda over the hard-to clean stain in your oven, then you will spray it with a solution made of oranges and white vinegar. Let it sit for about 20 minutes and the reside will swipe away effortlessly. Get the full oven cleaner recipe here. 

3. Use a magic eraser to easily wipe away grease on your oven glass.

Get your oven glass sparkling clean with a Magic Eraser. Wow!

Polished Habit

There are hundreds of uses for a Magic Eraser and using one to clean your oven glass is always a great idea. A Magic Eraser is perfect for easily removing grease among many other stains and messes.

4. Unscrew your Oven door to clean debris that has fallen in between the glass. 

Unscrew you oven door to clean food debris and grease that could be found between your oven door and glass. #cleaninghacks Unscrew you oven door to clean food debris and grease that could be found between your oven door and glass. #cleaninghacks


If you are serious about deep cleaning your oven, then this step is a must.

Believe it or not food, grease and all other kinds of nasty things can mysteriously become wedged in between your oven glass. To get in there, you will need a Star Key Set to unscrew those special screws on your oven door. Next, you will use your cleaning item of choice to get rid of all the debris between your oven glass and door.

5. Try steam cleaning your oven with water and vinegar.

Place a large metal or glass baking dish, filled with a solution of water and White Vinegar on your bottom rack then heat your oven to 350°.

Bring this solution to a boil and turn off the oven. Open the doors and spray the inside with a solution made of water and vinegar and allow this mixture to sit for 30 minutes. Once the oven has completely cooled down, wipe away all food residue.

Tip courtesy of Women You Should Know

6. Leave a dish of ammonia in your oven overnight.

You will love this oven cleaning tip. Heat your oven to 200 degrees. Turn it off and place a dish of ammonia in the oven and leave overnight. In the morning you will be able to wipe away all food stains effortlessly.

One Crazy House

You will want to try this out! First, you will heat your oven to 200° then you will turn your oven completely off. Next, you will place a few cups of ammonia in a baking dish or bowl and set on your middle oven rack. Next you will take a pot of boiling water and place it underneath the dish filled with ammonia. You will leave these dishes in the oven overnight. In the morning, all baked and burnt on food will wipe away with ease.

7. Use a good ol’ baking soda scrub and a little elbow grease.

When all else fails, use a baking soda scrub and a little elbow grease to get your oven sparkling like new again.

Somewhat Simple

Making a paste out of baking soda and water never gets old. This is a timelessly classic and traditional way to clean your oven. With a little bit of elbow grease, your oven will sparkle like new again.


Final Note…

Cleaning an oven is not necessarily anyone’s favorite part of the day. So it is always wise to invest in tools that will make your life easier. These oven liners found on Amazon are an awesome tool to use to help extend the life of your oven cleaning efforts. You will love the ease of clean up and the versatility of these BPA Free oven mats!





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