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In this post, you will find a few simple tips and tricks that’ll help make washing dishes by hand quick and efficient.

With these dish washing hacks, you’ll spend less time in the kitchen and more time on the things that you actually enjoy doing.

Dish Washing Hacks

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1. Keep dirty dishes in a bin instead of placing them in the sink. 

Keep dirty dishes in a bin instead of placing directly in the sink.


Dirty dishes can easily crowd your sink. By placing them in a bin next to the sink area, you will ensure that your sink is always clean and clear when you need to use it for other things.

2. Cut down on dish washing by assigning everyone in your house a cup. 

Assign everyone a cup in your house that they will use for the day. Store on a coaster when not in use.

Bee in Our Bonnet

Tired of having to wash a sink full of cups everyday? This genius hack will save you time and end all “cup confusion’ in your house.

Grab a few drinking coasters and a small serving tray. Label each coaster with the names of your household members and have them place their cups on them when not in use.

3. Use a “soap bowl” to make sure you are not overusing dish soap.Use a soap bowl to ensure that you are not using too much soap when washing dishes.


Oftentimes, we use way more dish soap then what is really required to clean our dishes.

To save money and make your dish soap last longer, mix 1 tablespoon of dish soap and a cup of water in a separate bowl. Use this mixture to dip your sponge and clean dishes as needed.

4. Always wash your cups first and pots last.

Wash your dishes from cleanest to dirtiest to save time and water.

You should wash your dishes from cleanest to dirtiest as this will save time and prevent you from wasting water which happens if you need to drain prematurely because its filled with grease and food particles. So when washing dishes start with cups, next utensils then plates and cooking pans last.

5. Save water by washing dishes in a bin.

Wash dishes in a bin to save water.


 Filling the sink requires more water, that is usually wasted. So to save water, opt to wash your dishes in small plastic bins.

6. Use a dryer sheet to clean burned pots and pans. 

The Kitchn

When you are faced with a pot or pan that has burned while cooking simply fill it with hot water, a few drops of soap and a dryer sheet. Allow mixture to sit for 1hr minimum before rinsing clean.

7. Add a few splashes of white vinegar to your dish water. 


White vinegar is an amazing cleaner by itself and works wonders to kill germs, get rid of smells and remove grease and grime.

Add a few splashes to your dish water to make your dishes sparkle and shine like never before. This will also help to remove leftover smells from your bowls and cups.

Be sure to remember these dish washing tips for the future and as always, Happy Cleaning!

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