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These house plants have been proven to repel mosquitoes, spiders and other insects from your home.

Keep reading to learn which plants will make your home smell great and at the same time get rid of those pesky bugs that you hate.

9 House Plants That Repel Bugs

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The peppermint plant repels mosquitoes from your home.

You may love the clean, minty scent of peppermint but many pests such as spiders, mice and mosquitoes do not. Peppermint is a very effective and natural solution to removing bugs and other pests from your home. Keep a few potted plants around your home and crush a couple of leaves to release an aroma that’ll send pests running the other way.


Bugs hate lavender! Put some in your house as a natural bug repellent.

The scent of lavender is known to relax and calm most human beings, however moths, flies, fleas and mosquitoes hate it. You can try placing a few tied bouquets of this fragrant plant around your home to keep these invaders at bay.


Mosquitoes hate the smell of citronella, so plant a few around your home.

Mosquitoes avoid citronella plants because of it’s strong, fragrant scent. Place a few around the entrances of your home as well as areas where you like to relax to keep these pests away.


Catnip is an amazing bug repellent and it will keep your cats happy

Cats love the scent of catnip and so will you when you find out that catnip oil is really great at keeping houseflies, mites, cockroaches and mosquitoes away. Studies have shown that catnip is about 10 times more effective than DEET when it comes to repelling mosquitoes. As a natural bug repellent, you can simply crush the leaves and rub the oil on your skin.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm repels bugs like mosquitoes and gnats.

Lemon balm has a delightful lemon scent with mint undertones that mosquitoes, fleas and ticks dislike. Strategically place these plants around your home to keep your space free from pesky insects.


The scent of marigolds repels pesky bugs such as mosquitoes.

Marigolds are not just beautiful plants but they work really well to keep whiteflies, mosquitoes, squash bugs and tomato worms away. Receive almost instant gratification of its bug repelling powers by placing a few of these colorful plants near windows and entrances to your home.


Basil plants repel bugs such as mosquitoes.

Grow a few containers of basil in your home to repel fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and other biting insects. The aroma is quite strong so you do not have to crush the leaves to get it work.


The rosemary plant repels bugs such as mosquitoes.

The oil from a rosemary plant is harmful to most bugs. Having a few of these around the home will make them stay away and you will always have a collection of fresh herbs to cook with as well.


Geraniums repels bugs such as mosquitoes.

Geraniums are disliked my mosquitoes, Japanese beetles and other insects. When in bloom they are absolutely gorgeous and will give off a lemony mint scent similar to citronella. Place a few of these lovely potted plants around the doors and windows of your home.

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