Hi, I’m Lisa and I’m absolutely thrilled you are visiting my blog!

I’m a Mommy, Wife and lifestyle blogger living in Alexandria,VA. Born and raised in GA, I’m a southern girl from my hair to my toes.  I bleed sweet tea and I say “y’all” quite a lot 🙂

I’m a serial giggler, major foodie and Pinterest addict. (Can we be friends? Click here to add me!)

I created this blog simply because I love writing and I’m passionate about helping others. When I combine those two things, I truly feel as if I’m fulfilling my purpose in this world.

So I’m dedicating this blog to you, my friend.

I enjoy finding and curating the best posts around the web on various lifestyle topics from home decor to personal finance so while you are visiting I hope that you find something here that enlightens and improves the quality of your life in some way, shape or form.

I warmly welcome you to my blog and I wish that you find my posts entertaining, educational as well as comforting.

So why don’t you go ahead and pull up a chair, you might be here for a while 🙂