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If you’re planning on taking a trip to the beach this summer then you must know about these hacks that will make your life way easy.

Have some fun in the sun and live life to the fullest with these awesome beach tips and tricks!

Keep scrolling to below to see how.

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1.Sprinkle baby powder on your skin to get help get rid of dirt.

Sprinkle a small amount of baby powder on your skin to help prevent dirt and grime from sticking to your skin while at the beach. | via Hip 2 Save


2. Use a fitted sheet to make a sand-free area for small children and toddlers. 

Keep sand and other things at bay with a fitted sheet used as a sand barrier. All you need is a few heavy items such as a cooler and beach bag to keep this fitted sheet in place. | via Faux Sho


3. Place your phone inside of a Ziploc bag to protect it from water and sand. 

Place your phone inside of a Ziploc bag for a cheap and easy way to protect it from water and sand. | via One Good Thing

4. Make your own beach vacation kit for emergencies.

Create your own beach necessities kit and fill it with things like pain relievers, first aid supplies, and sunscreen. | via Tip Toe Fairy


5.Use a yoga mat under your beach towel for cushion.

Place a yoga mat under your beach towel for extra cushion and to help repel sand.| via Click 2 Houston


6. Freeze Aloe Vera Cubes for on the spot sunburn treatment. 

Sunburn is never fun! Make sure to freeze aloe vera in an ice tray before your beach trip so that you can have an instantly soothing remedy on hand just in case you get a little over exposure from the sun. | via The Krazy Coupon Lady


7. Place your money or credit cards in sanitary napkin wrappers to help prevent theft.

Placing your credit cards and money in a sanitary napkin is a great idea to prevent them from being stolen. | via Dump a Day


8. Use child-safety write on tattoos for small children. 

Get a couple of waterproof child safety tattoos for your Little Ones when going to the beach. You always want to be prepared for the worst case scenario. | via Amazon


9. Use a jewelry organizer to create snack boxes.

Whether you are at the beach or on the way, you’ll want to bring snacks that’ll make clean up easy. Get a jewelry organizer HERE. | via Lauren’s Latest

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10. Use a sled to carry your beach supplies. 

Place all your beach supplies on a convenient sports sled to make carrying heavy items across the beach super easy. | via The Krazy Koupon Lady


11. Use a laundry bag to store toys. 

A mesh laundry bag can be used to store toys, towels and other goodies. | via The Idea Room


12. Bring some sand home to create a memory jar. 

Create a memory jar filled with sand, photos and other keepsakes from your beach vacation. | via Fiskars


13. Bring an inflatable pool for the little ones. 

Keep infants and toddlers close and safe by bringing along an inflatable pool for their own personal fun. | via Baton Rouge Family Fun