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Here are a few brilliant tips and tricks to help you get spotless windows in no time.

Check out this post to learn how you can have clean windows for months without a lot of hassle.

Window Cleaning Hacks

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1. Wash your windows on cloudy days. 

Wash your windows on cloudy days for effective cleaning.

When you apply cleaning product to hot windows it can cause the solution to dry too quickly, leaving behind a cloudy film. Instead choose cloudy days and when the weather is around 70 degrees is optimal weather for streak-free window cleaning.

2. Squeegee your windows instead of wiping with a cloth.

Use squeegee to clean windows and wipe up excess liquid with a cloth.

Family Handy Man

Using a squeegee is the preferred method to cleaning windows as it will leave no streaks and leave your windows spotless.

3. Use a chalkboard eraser to get rid of left over streaks. 



Chalkboard erasers are really handy and perfect for quickly removing window streaks as the material is soft and will not leave behind any lint.

4. Add cornstarch to your window cleaner.

Add a few teaspoons of cornstarch to your window cleaner.

Hello Glow

Cornstarch is a mild abrasive and works wonderfully to gently scrub away hidden grime and dirt on your windows and mirrors. Mix a few teaspoons in with your favorite glass cleaner and watch as your windows sparkle like never before.

For a homemade, DIY window cleaner using cornstarch visit here.

5. Use Rain-X on your mirrors, windows and shower doors. 

Rain-X , originally made for automotive windows, has found its way into the home as a wonderful all around cleaner for mirrors and shower doors. Use it to to keep your shower doors free from water spots and shower scum for weeks.

6. Use a sponge brush dipped in white vinegar and water to clean your window tracks.

Use a sponge brush dipped in Pine-sol or white vinegar to clean your window tracks.

One Crazy House

Or you can use Pine-sol such as One Crazy House did here. Either way using a simple foam paint brush will help to get into those small crevices of your window tracks and get rid of hidden dirt and grime.

7. Use Woolite to clean exterior windows on your home and car. 


Pine Creek Style

Woolite can be really effective at gently cleaning your windows. Use it on the windows of the exterior of your home and car for quick cleaning that you can simply rinse away without having to dry or wipe clean.

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