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As one ages, cleaning can become more of a hassle. In this post, you’ll find some of the best house cleaning tips for senior citizens to help you keep your home neat, clean and organized with minimal time and effort.

House Cleaning Tips for Seniors

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1. Use your broom to clean hard to reach places. 

Prevent back pain with this smart way to clean your shower.These cleaning hacks are perfect for the elderly!

Cred: One Good Thing By Jillee | House Tipster

Use a clean broom and your favorite cleaner to scrub your shower and baseboards to make cleaning hard to reach places easier as well as prevent back pain. For more time-saving cleaning tips, you might enjoy this post.

2. Use “set and forget” cleaning products. 

Apply wax to your air vents to repel future dust and to keep them clean.

Cred: Somewhat Simple | The DIY Guinea Pig

You can apply air wax to your vents to keep them dust free for longer or add a jar of white vinegar to your toilet’s tank to prevent water stains. Using “set-and-forget” cleaning products like this will help prolong your cleaning efforts. For more house cleaning tips, you might enjoy this post.

3. Protect surfaces to prevent messes and spills. 

Cred: The Virtuous Wife

Line your refrigerator shelves with Press n’ Seal for easy clean up and to keep your fridge clean for longer. For more refrigerator cleaning tips, you might enjoy this post.

4. Use your dishwasher to clean more than dishes. 

Cred: Eat Craft Parent

Your dishwasher can be used for more than cleaning dishes! Use it to rinse foods such as potatoes, toys, your air vents, oven knobs and more. Check out the full list of things that you can clean with your dishwasher here.

5. Use bins for quick storage.

Cred: One Crazy House

To prevent home clutter, use a bin large enough to contain items that you don’t have time to put up during the day. This will ensure your house remains clutter free, saving you time when doing household chores.

7. Use the right tools to make cleaning easier.

Use an Angry Mama to make cleaning easier.

Cred: Practically Functional

Tools such as the Angry Mama are super helpful in making your microwave easier to clean. There are several other tools such as these that will make difficult cleaning tasks a lot easier to handle.

8. Use labeled bins in the refrigerator to organize food items. 

Cred: Room Clip | Pinning with Purpose

To keep your refrigerator neat and organized, you can use labeled bins to keep snacks as well as labeled containers to store fresh cut veggies and fruit in the fridge.

9. Relocate canned goods to your counter tops.

Ria’s World of Ideas

Reaching up towards high cabinets can put unnecessary strain on your back. Instead used stackable bins and containers placed on the counter to store canned goods, fruits and veggies for easy access.

10. Use mobile storage for pots, pans and kitchen supplies. 


Use a rolling cart to store kitchen pots, pans and other supplies. This will make it easy to keep all cooking supplies within reach and everything can be easily stored out of sight when not in use. For more rolling cart storage ideas, you might enjoy this post.

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