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Moving into your first home can be very exciting! Here’s a collection of home ideas that will inspire you to keep your new house happy, neat and organized for a very long time.

Organizing Ideas for First-Time Homeowners

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1. Organize your important documents using color coded folders. 

A great way to keep important documents organized in the home.

A Bowl Full of Lemons

It also helps to add very large labels on the sides so that every document can be easily identified.

2. Create a mail and bill command center.

Create a bill and mail command center to keep track of important

First Home Love Life

Never be late on a bill or miss any important dates by simply setting up a bill and mail command center in your kitchen or near an entry way. Fill it with things such as a wall calendar, mail supplies and bins to keep things orderly.

3. Organize kitchen supplies and utensils using plastic bins and labeling. 

Keep your kitchen cabinets super organized by using plastic bins to organize kitchen supplies.

Everyday Organized

You can easily keep your kitchen cabinets organized by storing supplies in labeled plastic containers. For more kitchen organizing ideas, check out this post.

4. Near your entrance, use a pebbled filled tray to collect shoes. 

Make a boot tray for your entryway to keep boots organized and prevent tracking dirt and mud into your home.

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Get a tray and fill it with pebbles. Place it near your entrance or mudroom to organize boots and shoes to prevent from tracking messes into your home.

5. Color code and label the switches in your circuit breaker.

It would be wise to color code your circuit breaker switches to make them easy to identify.

First Home Love Life

When you have electrical problems things can get stressful if you do not know which breaker switch coordinates with each room of your house. Color code and label them to save time and energy.

6. Label and organize medicine to prevent confusion. 

Use labeled plastic containers to organize your medicine.


Keep your medicine cabinets super organized by using labeled bins to store pain killers, cold medicine and first aid supplies.

7. Organize laundry room supplies with a Lazy Susan. 

Organize your laundry room supplies with a lazy susan. It saves space and makes everything easy to use when needed.


Use a Lazy Susan to organize laundry room essentials. Not only does it saves space, but makes all items freely accessible when needed. For more laundry room ideas, check out this post.

8. Create a box to keep your favorite recipes organized. 

Make your own little box to store and organized recipes.

Mr. Handsomeface

You can reuse a small shoe box to store and organize your favorite recipes.

9. Organize your shower essentials with labels. 

Keep your shower essentials organized and separate from each other.


Easily organize “his and her” shower essentials with a labeled shower rack. For more bathroom organizing ideas, you might enjoy this post.

10. Organize your linen closet this way to keep it tidy. 

Here's how to organize your linen closet the right way.

First Home Love Life

Following this method is the best way to keep your linen closet organized and tidy. For more linen closet organizing ideas, you might enjoy this post.

11. Organize your finances with a money board. 

Create a money board to keep finances organized.


When moving into your first home, organizing your finances is a must. Why not create a money board in a private area of your home so that you can organize funds for bills, emergencies and leisure activities? This is a great way to see how much physical cash that you have so that you won’t overspend. For more money saving ideas, check out this post.

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