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This App manages screen time of your children and informs you of their bullies

This app could save your child's life. Monitor cellphone activity and be alerted to bullies.

Parents in our age are grappling with how to prevent their kids from becoming too tied to their smartphones. There isn’t enough liberty that mobile phones offer to monitor the smartphones. The heavy smartphone use can hardly be controlled with the paltry parental controls offered by the devices. The current crop of smartphones does not offer enough control over the phone to limit the use of those devices.

Let the technology do the job for you. There are several mobile monitoring apps that allow you to monitor potential digital dangers. But Xnspy mobile monitoring app for children has made parenting a lot easier by offering a different level of control to monitor your kids’ smartphone. Here is how you can benefit from it:

How it manages the screen time?

This app could save your child's life one day.

Parents must realize that they cannot get complacent about their children’s digital experiences. Parents need to take an active role. They must acknowledge that our digital landscape is just like the physical one. Just like we have rules for the kids when they play outside, the same goes for online. Xnspy allows you to monitor your child’s smartphone without even getting anywhere near it.

Let’s say you have allowed your kid one hour to use YouTube on the phone but he could not follow it. This app will give you the authority to block the app anytime you like without even touching their phone. This will save you from confronting your child and making sure they do not exceed their allowed time.

Guard your kids against the online bullies

Your kid may wake up in the middle of the night and find herself/himself embroiled in an online argument. These comments very often leave a negative impression on your kids’ personality. Body shaming is also one of the similar dangers faced by the children online. If you want to save your kids from the online bullies then you can benefit from Xnspy.

Children are usually reluctant to befriend their parent on their social media accounts. So when such situation arises, parents are unaware of the underlying reasons. Xnspy mobile monitoring app for children provides you an account of all the major social media applications used by your kid. You can see their chats along with their timings and their contact information. And it covers Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Kik, Instagram, Line etc.

Selective monitoring

Monitor your kids cellphone activity with this amazing app.

It is important for the parents to know what apps their kids are using. For example, Kik allows its users to connect with the strangers with whom they can chat anonymously anywhere in the world. While it is the children’s right to chat and talk to anyone they want, it is important to protect them from the cyberstalking and sexual abuse.

Xnspy has a Watchlist feature that allows the parents to actually get an alert when a child comes across words related to sexting or bullying. And the same can be done about specific locations and contacts. This feature allows effective monitoring as well as granting them the space for the privacy so they can converse with responsibility and socialize.

How much does it cost?

Xnspy mobile monitoring app for children is quite affordable and comes with two simple plans, Basic and Premium. You can subscribe to these plans for monthly, quarterly, and yearly durations. You can start using the app by paying as low as $8.33 per month.


  • Compatibility: Xnspy can be used on both iOS and Android phones.
  • Cross-platform support: It supports the latest versions of the operating systems. It can be used with the iOS 11.2.5 and Android Oreo 8.0
  • Selective Monitoring: While it has all the right features to give you detailed information about your child’s phone, its customization of features gives you children space for the privacy.


  • No trial version: There is no trial version of the app. But you can use the demo on their website
  • Perhaps the most difficult thing is to create a balance between monitoring and freedom to use smartphones. Parents often lose trust and respect of the children in trying to be over intrusive.

Final Words:

Use this cellphone app to monitor kids' activity and be alerted of bullies

We live in an imperfect world where there are evils and benefits of everything. Whether we use a child monitoring software or not, we must have the knowledge about the potential threat of the digital devices how these apps can help keep a balance in your child’s digital life.

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