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Cleaning your car can often be done at car wash shops or at your home which is less expensive and not time-consuming for working individuals. As the responsible vehicle owner, you should do everything to prolong its life and performance. One simple way of delaying its premature deterioration is regular maintenance and cleaning. Here are some helpful tips for you to consider on how to clean your car like a pro.

How to Clean Your Car Like A Pro (Infographic)

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Indeed, part of taking care of your vehicle is making sure that it is clean all the time, both on the inside and out. At times, when you try to clean your vehicle at some car wash shops, you may notice that the exterior component of your car may have bumps and scratches from severe cleaning or equipment that is being used to clean your car that’s why it is best that you clean your own car to eliminate such casualties.

Cleaning the car’s body and exterior – The first step in cleaning your vehicle is by rinsing your car using a hose in high-pressure, but to the extent that the natural wax and paint of your car will not be affected. This amount of water pressure will help to rinse off your vehicle’s accumulated dirt and debris before you lather with soap and avoid scratching.

Cleaning the wheels – The tires of your car is considered the dirtiest part of your vehicle since it is always in contact with the road. Make sure to use a cleaner that is safe to use for the surfaces of your tires, but strong enough to clean the entire parts of your wheels.

Cleaning your car’s interior – One of the most commonly used parts of your car is the interior of which you and your passengers sit on or step in when traveling. To clean the interior of your car, prepare the needed supplies and materials, including a vacuum, trash bag, glass cleaner, upholstery foam cleanser, carpet cleaner, paper towels, and rags.

These are just some of the tips that you should consider when cleaning your vehicle, the more accurate you are in cleaning your own car, the more effective your efforts and car maintenance you will gain. To learn more about these different tips to clean your vehicle like a pro, check the infographic below created by Tints2Go.