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In this post, you will find a few cleaning and organizing hacks that will soothe your inner neat freak.

Learn how to clean your oven vents, neatly organize your clothes as well as a smart hack to organize all the little things in your home.

Keep reading to be amazed!

Neat Freak Cleaning Hacks

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1. Clean your oven vents with a butter knife

Your stove vents are overdue for a cleaning!

via Ask Anna Moseley

 Have you been cleaning your oven vents regularly? Well, this cleaning hack is a must-know. Wrap a butter knife in a paper towel and dip it in your favorite cleaner (my personal favorite) or warm, soapy water. Swipe in between the vents to remove dirt, food particles and grime.

2.  Clean your bathtub with a broom. 

Prevent back pain by using a broom to clean your bathtub.

via One Good Thing 


What a smart way to clean your bathtub! Use a broom and your favorite cleaner to scrub away. No more back pain!

3. Learn the KonMari Method to fold and organize your clothes. 

Learn the KonMari Method to fold and organize your clothes.

via Productive and Pretty

The KonMari folding method is a genius way to fold and organize your clothes. Not only will you save a ton of space, but it also looks very pretty! You can read more on the KonMari Method here.


4. Clean your vacuum filter in the dishwasher.

Toss your vacuum cleaner in the dishwasher to clean it. Super easy and a timesaver!

via A Girl and Her Needle

Toss your dirty filter in the dishwasher with a few cups of vinegar to clean it. Super easy and a huge time-saver!

5. Use a seam ripper to clean your vacuum’s roller brush. 

Now why didn't I think of this? REPIN!

via Rehana Dujour

All you need is a simple seam ripper (Amazon) to quickly remove hair, string and other items from your vaccum’s roller brush.

6. Hang towel racks on your bedroom doors. 

SO NEAT and ORGANIZED. I would LOVE to try this one day. REPIN!

via Curbly

Hang a set of towel racks (Amazon) on your bedroom doors to use as a shoe organizer or accessory holder. This will definitely help maximize space in your closet!

7. Use cotton swabs to clean hard to reach areas. 

I need to clean my car. I can't wait to try this. REPIN FOR LATER!

via Great Things First

Get in those hard to reach areas in your car with a few cotton swabs soaked with your favorite cleaner.

8. Clean your garbage disposal with an old toothbrush.

Don't forget to clean your garabage disposal! REPIN FOR LATER!via Practically Functional 

Lift the flaps to your garbage disposal to clean the gunk and grime from your sink. Seems pretty disgusting but so worth!

9. Clean your window tracks with a toilet paper tube. 

Can't wait to try this cleaning hack. REPIN FOR LATER!

via Today

Easily clean your window tracks by using a toilet paper tube. Flatten the end and attach the tube to your vacuum hose.

10. Organize all the little things with labels.

Organize all of your little things by labeling everything. REPIN FOR LATER!

via Honey We’re Home

Tired of losing all those little things around your home? Using a plastic container and label maker (Amazon) is all that you need to make magic happen.

So you have any favorite cleaning hacks that you would like to share? Leave a comment below!

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