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These cleaning and organizing ideas are perfect for pet owners! If you have a little fur ball running around, then these tips and tricks for keeping your home neat and clean are a must-know.

Cleaning and Organizing Ideas for Pet Owners

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1. Add a chalkboard panel to the door of the cabinet where you store pet food. 

This is perfect if you have a sitter for your pet! #doglover #catlover

Photo & Tip Courtesy ofPolished Habitat

This will work wonders if you have a pet sitter, so that they know when the next feeding should be. Its also perfect for writing reminders for important dates such as the next dosage for heart worm medicine.

2. Re-purpose a milk jug into a kitty litter scoop. 

Make your own kitty litter scoop with an old milk jug.

Photo & Tip Courtesy of: PopSugar

When in a pinch, you can use an old milk jug as a kitty litter scooper. All you will need is a hole puncher to make this thrifty version of the real thing.

3. Get rid of lingering pet odors in your car with a bowl of vinegar. 

This is an old trick that works very well for those who smoke and are perfect for pet owners who allow there furry friends to enjoy car rides. Place a bowl of white vinegar in your car overnight to help absorb odors left behind from your pet. For more pet stain and odor removal hacks you might enjoy this post.

4. Use labeled bins to store and organize pet foods. 

Love this pet food organizer with those pretty little labels!

Photo & Tip Courtesy of: The Real Thing with the Coake Family

This works especially well for those with several different kind of pets or those who have pets who require different types of food. Simply use a plastic container to store the food and label accordingly.

5. Make a hidden crate using a side table and a small curtain. 

Love this idea of hiding the dog crate with a small curtain under the table. Looks very stylish!

Photo & Tip Courtesy of: Jenny Froh

There’s a better way to hide your pet’s crate and this is it! Simply hide your crate underneath a side table with a small curtain to cover it when not in use.

6. Use a Swiffer to collect pet hair from carpet. 

Use swiffer to collect pet hair from your carpet. Then you can vacuum without clogging up your machine.


The Swiffer wet jet is an awsome cleaning tool and with out the cleaning pads, it works wonderfully to collect pet hair from your floors and furniture.

7. Add parsley to your dog’s food to freshen his breath. 

Add a little parseley to your dog's food to keep his breath smelling fresh.

Photo & Tip Courtesy of: Leopold’s Crate

Freshen up your dog’s breath by adding a few pieces of parsley to his dog food! He will never know and you will get to enjoy even more of his slobbery kisses.


I really hope you enjoyed these quick tips on different ways that you can clean and organize your home as a pet owner. For more incredible pet hacks check out: 7 Miracle Pet Odor Hacks Everyone Needs In Their Cleaning Arsenal

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