7 Insane Lazy Girl Cleaning Hacks for Your Hair and Makeup Tools

It takes hard work to look flawless all the time.

However, in the midst of the chaos our beauty supplies can get pretty dirty.

If you want to know of a few quick and easy tricks to cleaning your favorite hair and makeup tools then keep scrolling below!

Beauty Tool Cleaning Tips

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1. Clean your makeup brushes with baby shampoo and olive oil.

Via The Chriselle Factor

Makeup brushes can get pretty disgusting over time. You should try to give them a quick cleanse every week. Wet your bristles and place a few drops of baby shampoo and olive oil in the palm of your hand. Swirl the bristles around and rinse with cool water. Lay flat to dry or use a handy makeup brush drying rack.

2. At least once a week, clean your eye pencil sharpener, tweezers and razors with rubbing alcohol.

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You should disinfect these tools before and after you use them. Also, this Kevyn Aucoin pencil sharpener even comes with its own cleaning stick to help lift and scrape away pencil shavings and residue.

3. Use a Magic Eraser to clean grease and grime from your flat iron.

Via The Krazy Koupon Lady

A Magic Eraser is an awesome cleaning tool that has so many uses! Use one to effortlessly clean grease and grime from your dirty flat iron.

4. Soak your hair brushes and combs in a mixture of baking soda and shampoo to deep clean them.

Tidy Mom

Remove as much hair as you can from your brushes and combs, then fill a bowl or sink with 1 tablespoon of shampoo and baking soda. Use an old toothbrush to scrub away debris. Rinse and lay flat to dry.

5. Use an old toothbrush to clean dust from the back of your hair dryer.

Via Snappy Living

Doing this once every couple of months will help extend the life of your hair dryer and make it run more efficiently.

6. Put your lipstick in the freezer overnight to disinfect it.

Via Instructables

Or you can try placing your lipstick inside of a small container of isopropyl alcohol for about 15 minutes.

Via Instructables

7. Use a lighter to clean your eyelash curler.

Via Little Miss Smexy

Hold your eyelash curler over a lighter for about 10-15 seconds to melt makeup crud to make it easier to clean as well as to kill germs and bacteria.

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