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Keeping your house clean can be hard work, but with these cleaning tricks everything will be a lot easier.

Learn the best way to mop floors as well as smart ways to clean your bathtub in this post full of brilliant cleaning tips.

Cleaning Tips for the Home

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1. Use a cotton mop to clean your floors. 

You've probably been mopping the wrong way for years. Check out this post now to learn how to mop the fast and easy way.

The Creekline House

Use the “slop mop” method to clean your floors faster. This method works best with a cotton mop which you will use to “slop” water down on a small area of your floor and quickly mop back and forth before wringing the mop.

2. Vacuum your carpets both vertically and horizontally. 

Make sure to vacuum your floors both ways to ensure that you are cleaning all the dirt from your carpet fibers!I Dream of Clean 

Do you vacuum your carpet only one way then leave the room? If so, then you are vacuuming wrong! Vacuum your floors both vertically and horizontally to properly agitate your carpet fibers and remove trapped dirt. For more carpet cleaning hacks you might enjoy this post. 

3. Clean hidden filth from your toilets by removing the seat.

Remove your toilet seat to reveal and clean hidden filth.

Frugal Fun 4 Boys

When cleaning the bathroom toilet, don’t forget to remove the seat to find and clean away hidden filth! For more incredible toilet cleaning hacks, you might enjoy this post.

4. Use a squeegee to get sparkling clean windows. 

The best way to wash your windows with this simple tool!

Somewhat Simple

Use a squeegee and soap and water to clean you windows and leave them sparkling clean. This method will help to remove grime and leave your windows spotless. For more amazing window cleaning trickss, you might enjoy this post. 

5. Clean grime and grease from your oven glass with a Magic Eraser. 

Polished Habit

There’s an easier way to clean your oven glass! All you need is a simple Magic Eraser to swipe away grime and grease with ease. For more Magic Eraser cleaning hacks, check out this post. 

6. Place dryer sheets in the bottom of your garbage can. 

Place a few dryer sheets under your trash can liner to keep it smelling fresh.


Keep your trash can smelling fresh by placing a few dryer sheets in the bottom of the can. This will help to absorb bad smells. For more trash can tips and tricks, check out this post. 

7. Clean your bathtub with a broom.

Prevent back pain by using a broom to clean your bathtub.

One Good Thing

This is by far the easiest method to scrubbing your tub. Simpy use a clean broom and your favorite cleaning solution to clean your tub without any back pain. For more shower cleaning hacks, check out this post. 

8. Clean stains from plastic containers with a lemon.

Your cleaning efforts can go really far with just a slice of lemon.


A slice of lemon can clean so many things in your home! Not only does it work really well to clean food stains from plastic containers, it can be used to clean your dishwasher, remove odors from shoes and brighten white clothing.  For more lemon cleaning hacks, check out this post. 

9. Keep your toilets clean with a jar of vinegar. 

I can't to try this and show you guys my results! Place a bottle of vinegar in your water tank for a no-scrub way to keep your toilet clean for weeks!

The DIY Guinea Pig

You can keep your toilet clean for weeks at a time by simply placing a mason jar full of white vinegar in your toilet’s tank. Place a few holes in the lid and flip upside down so that vinegar slowly leaks out during every flush.  For more time-saving cleaning hacks, you might enjoy this post. 


I hope you enjoyed these cleaning tricks and ideas! Hopefully these will inspire you to get your home in tip-top shape. For more amazing cleaning tips, you might enjoy: 10 Things to Clean Around the Home With an Old Toothbrush

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