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These DIY Halloween costume ideas for couples are just what the doctor ordered!

From The Bride of Chucky to Stranger Things, you’ll find inspiration in creating a costume this Halloween that’ll turn heads.

Keep scrolling below to check out these creative Halloween costumes for couples.

18 Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

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1. Chucky and The Bride

This Bride of Chucky costume can be easily created with items found at your local thrift store. A touch of face paint and a toy knife is all that’s really needed to complete this costume. | @lifeoftanyamarie

2. Bugs Bunny & Lola


3. Filter/ No Filter

Here’s a last-minute halloween costume that’s just as funny as it is creative! | @forever_greene

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4. Sailer & Mermaid

via Maggie Gritton

5. Chick Magnet

What’s more adorable than this cute couple! A chick magnet halloween costume is a wonderful play on words. | @megandcatie

6. Strawberry and Farmer

via Studio DIY

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7. Stranger Things – Eleven & Mike

“Eleven… okay. Um, well my name’s Mike, short for Michael. How about we call you ‘El’, short for Eleven?” | via A Beautiful Mess

8. Referee Couple


9. The Greatest Showman

This costume is inspired by the movie “The Greatest Showman”. You can be the ringleader of the circus along with your trapeze artist! | @thesugaredlemon

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10. Winnie the Pooh

Nothing is more classic than a Winnie the Pooh halloween costume for couples. | @laureninbold

11. Curious George


12. 80s Aerobics Instructors


13. CatDog 

via Good Housekeeping

14. Cosmo & Wanda

Cosmo: I married the smart one!
Wanda: I married the– (pauses) –well, he’s cute, right?


15. Recess- T.J & Spinelli


16. The Goofy Movie- Powerline & Roxanne

One of the most beloved movies of the late 90’s, The Goofy Movie and it’s characters still remain highly relevant for a fun and quirky pop culture halloween costume. | via Savannah Smiled

17. Orange is the New Black- Piper & Alex


18. Willie Wonka & Oompa Loompa

Of course they’re real people. They’re Oompa-Loompas…Imported direct from Loompaland…@scottymunster

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