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Literally turn heads at the Halloween party with these super cute and fun DIY costumes for couples.

These costumes are incredibly creative and very easy to make.

Keep scrolling below to be inspired by these cool costume ideas!

Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

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Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable Halloween Couple's Costume Idea. Love this!

 AC Paradise

Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable anyone? I think this duo is incredibly cute! Don’t forget to include Rufus to make this costume memorable.

DIY Halloween Costume Idea for Couples- Bob Ross and Happy Little Tree. LOVE this! Repin!


Bob Ross and his happy little tree! This is a lovely costume for expecting couples.

Omg! How cute is this couples costume? Repin!


Colonel Sanders would so approve this!

DIY Couples Costume for Halloween: Boo and Sully! Love this! Repin!


Monster Inc. is a classic movie that all couples would enjoy! So why not become the perfect team with a Boo and Sully costume!

So cute! I love this Cosmo and Wanda couples costume! Repin!


Incredibly adorable winnie the pooh couples costume! Love it! Repin!

Chessmen and Coffee

There is more than honey in Pooh’s belly! I love this Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin costume for soon to be parent couples. How sweet?

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Couples Costume! Yes! Repin!

Dreaming in DIY

I want to be Velma! Love this couples costume for Halloween. Repin!

One Crazy House

Zoinks! This Shaggy and Velma costume is so cool! This is sure to be a winner at the Halloween party!

Lightening and thunder couples costume for Halloween! OMG! Repin

The Chive

Bob and Linda from Bob's Burger Halloween Costume for Couples. How sweet is this!


Oh, Bobby! Swoon your Halloween guest with awesome burgers and this cute Bob’s Burger couples costume.

Blue's Clues DIY Halloween Costume! How creative! Repin!

Costume Works

Little Redi Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf Halloween Costume. So repinning this!


Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf together?! Who would have ever thought! I love this, especially Grandma’s nightgown.

So cute! Old spice and body scrubber Halloween costume for couples.

Big DIY Ideas

Caption this! Then repin! Love this Rick and Morty couples costume for halloween!

Costume Works

Uh, Rick…I don’t think this is a good idea! Really impress your friends with your best imitation of the classic duo, Rick and Morty.

Archer and Lana diy halloween costume idea for couples. Repin!

Dreaming in DIY

James Bond and Bond girl Couples costume for halloween. Repin!

Say Yes

James Bond and Bond girl. Iconic and memorable. A classic couples costume for those with vintage aspirations.

Arthur and Buster Halloween costume for couples. I love this! Repin!


Arthur and Buster! All 90s kids will rejoice with this simple yet memorable Halloween costume for couples.

Garden gnome and flamingo lawn ornaments Halloween costume! So cute!

Costume Works

Cute couple costume for Halloween! Repin !


ICONIC! Walter white and blue sky breaking bad Halloween costume. Love this! Repin!

Stay Glam

I am the one who knocks! Name a more iconic couple, I’ll wait. This Breaking Bad couples costume will definitely turn heads at the upcoming Halloween party.

Doc and Marty McFly! Back to the Future couples costume. I really like this!

Friday Were In Love

So cute! Instead I would be Ash and I would make my husband Pikachu lol Love This Repin!

Costume Works

THe Office- Pam Beesly and Jim Halpert Halloween Costume. Repin!

Dreaming in DIY

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