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Do you avoid buying houseplants because you know they’ll end up withered in a couple of weeks, but you crave the green earthy vibe a cute little plant would bring your home?

Do you constantly forget to water any plant that comes into your possession making you afraid to even try buying an indoor plant?

Well, have no fear, because featured in this article are the 10 best houseplants you can buy that do NOT need your undivided attention.

Start your plant mom journey today by checking out one of the plants below.

What are the best houseplants for beginners?

1. Pothos Plants

Pothos plants are vibrantly green big-leafed potted plants. These can give any room you put them in a nice earthy feel.

Pothos plants also do their best when their soil is given the opportunity to fully dry out before being watered.

You will be able to tell if you are not watering this plant enough if those big vibrant leaves start to wilt or turn yellow or brown.

But do not fear, these plants generally only need to be watered once a week, depending on the climate you live in, but the visual cues are great indicators that your plant should be given a little more attention.

2. Jade Plants

Etsy – TheLongevityGarden

Jade plants are very pretty and subtle, almost giving off a succulent vibe.

Contrary to the Pothos plants, Jade plants should not be left to dry out completely, however, this plant should not be watered too often.

In fact, overwatering is detrimental to the survival of a jade plant because this can lead to the roots of the plant starting to rot.

Jade plants are also good for those who won’t be able to water them on a schedule. Instead, a Jade plant should be watered when the top of the soil feels dry to the touch.

3. Asparagus Fern

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The Asparagus Fern is a very leafy plant, with a lot of stems that each old a bunch of teeny tiny leaves.

This plant may need a tad more attention and water during the warmer summer months, but during the winter, you can leave it to the wayside.

The Asparagus Fern prefers dry soil during the winter and are actually a drought resistant plant.

If the stems start to turn yellow, it may need a bit more love and care and brown stems may indicate that you are overwatering the plant.

Overall, this plant will basically tell you what it needs, so you won’t have to think too hard.

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4. Chinese Money Plant

Etsy- TropicalplantsFL

The Chinese Money plant has leaves that actually look like silver dollars in size and shape. It has also been called a Pancake Plant.

This is an excellent plant for those who will forget to water their house plants. The Chinese Money Plant is very strong and resilient.

It really does not need a lot of attentive care to grow successfully. Similar to the Jade plant, the Chinese Money Plant prefers to dry out its soil completely before being watered again.

This plant also does not do well in direct sunlight.


5. Yucca Plant

Etsy- TropicalplantsFL

The Yucca plant has thick, long and pointed leaves.

It is also very drought resistant, which, once again, means that it doesn’t need much water to live.

Interestingly enough, over watering is probably the most common reason Yucca plants die.

These plants are native to the desert areas of the United States and the Caribbean.

So, if you buy one of these guys, forgetting to water it will most likely keep it alive and thriving.

6. Spider Plant

Etsy – Earthyychildren

Spider plants got their name because they have long, spider-leg-like leaves that emerge from the pot.

Spider plants should reside in a pot with some drainage holes because they are prone to rotting roots if they get waterlogged.

Just like a few of the plants above, you should let the soil dry completely before watering it again.

You should also dump out any excess water that is lingering in the pot after the plant has absorbed all it needs.

7. Aloe Plant

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The Aloe plant looks a lot like a succulent with very thick stems.

Once again, this plant’s roots will completely rot if the soil remains consistently wet. So overwatering an Aloe plant is definitely not a good idea.

Letting the soil completely dry is the way to go which means you probably do not need to water this type of plant more than once a week, depending on the climate you live in.

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8. Dragon Tree

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Dragon Trees can look a little bit like a spider plant, but their long leg-like leaves actually stick up and out.

This is another plant that really only needs to be watered once a week, once the topsoil feels dry to the touch.

9. Calathea Plant

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The Calathea Plant has some of the more patterned big leaves of this bunch.

The leaves are big and thick like the Pothos plant as well and it is probably the most high-maintenance house plant on this list.

This plant requires soil that is consistently moist, but definitely not soggy.

This plant requires the happy medium of consistently watered while not drowning the soil.

You may start to see the plant turn brown or yellow if you are overwatering, but if you back off and let it dry for a bit, it should bounce back.

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10. Crown of Thorns

Etsy – DesertForest1

The Crown of Thorns plant actually has some very pretty flowers that can grow on the top, giving your sustainable house plant collection a nice pop of color.

It actually stores its water supply in its thick stems and then the leaves curl when it is in need of some water.

The top inch or so of the soil should dry out before watering the plant.

If the roots of this plant begin to dry out, then the plant will start losing its leaves.


Collecting house plants isn’t reserved just for those who’ll meticulously water them.

If you’re forgetful, but want an indoor plant, pick up any one of the plants listed above.

They only need to be watered sporadically so you can easily start your “plant mom” journey and build up that indoor garden you’ve always desired!

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