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Over time, our mattresses can get pretty disgusting.

In the video below, this dad will show you all of his secrets to deep cleaning stains from his mattress. His wife was very surprised.

How to Deep Clean Your Mattress

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This tutorial is simple enough that anyone can do it.  He uses two simple products to remove deep set in stains in his mattress and the the results are very surprising. Below are the steps he took to clean his mattress without a ton of money or work.

There are several natural alternatives to cleaning your mattress with products that you may have at home. You can sprinkle baking soda on your mattress to deodorize any smells. You can also try using a mixture of Dawn dish soap and hydrogen peroxide to get rid of stains as well or you can opt to have your mattress professionally steamed cleaned.

If you would enjoy more more tips on how to naturally clean your mattress at home check out this:  5 Ways to Deep Clean Your Dirty Mattress Like a Pro.

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