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Yes, it’s that time of the year.

Time to end the sweet summer vacation and get the kiddos ready for the school year.

Luckily, these Moms have created some pretty awesome ways to make the school year more bearable by sharing their brilliant back to school organization ideas.

Returning to school will be such a breeze for you and the kids!

If you want to be inspired, check out ideas below!

Back to School Organization Ideas

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1. Create a command center to help the kids stay organized and focused.

I love this back to school command center. The kids will be so organized! Repin!

Make a back to school chore chart to help the kiddos stay on track. I love this idea. Repinning for later.

Via The 36th Avenue

This school command center comes complete with a dry erase calendar, pencils and other school supplies.

2. Use a file box to store and organize important school documents and awards. 

Organize your kids papers and other awards throughout the school year using file folders. Repin if you want to try this!

Via Dandee Designs

Simply attach a school photo for each child to separate folders to keep their important things organized.

3. Make a DIY home work station. 

I love this diy homework station for the kiddos. Repin if you agree!

Via Uncommon Designs

You can catch the full tutorial on this awesome homework station by clicking here. 

4.  Repurpose glass jars to organize school supplies.

These chalkboard labeled jars look really cool. Repin if you think the kids would love this!

Via One Hundred Dollars a Month

5. Make homework trays and buckets labeled with your kids’ names to help them stay organized.

These homework trays are so neat. I would love to use this for my kids' papers. Repin if you agree!

Via The Happy Scraps

I love these diy back to school buckets to organize school supplies. Repin for later!

Via The Happy Scaps

6. Use these awesome printables to help your kids’ keep track of money that you give them.

Help your kids keep track of money that you give them for books fairs and other events with these printables. Repin for later!

Via My Frugal Adventures

This is a genius way to help your kids keep track of money that you give them for school related activities. You can get the printables here. 

7. Organize crayons and markers using a labeled plastic drawer. 

Use labeled bins to organize crayons and markers. I think this is really smart! Repin for later!

Via Creekside Teacher Tales

8. Create a grab and go snack station in your kitchen for the kids. 

I like the idea of creating a snack station for the kids so that they can just grab and go! Repin for later!

Via Uncommon Design

Using basket or bins, stock them with healthy food items so that the kids will always have snacks to take with them to school.

9. Create a magnetic chore chart.

This is a magnetic chore chart. I really want to try this with kiddos! Repin for later!

Via A Spotted Pony

This will help your kids visually keep track of their daily tasks.

10. Make a mini command center by your front door. 

Create a mini command center for the kiddos right by the front door. This is awesome! Repin if you agree!

Via Simple Stylings

11. Create a mini homework station stocked with essential school supplies. 

This mini homework station is perfect for the kiddos. Repin for later!

Via The House of Smiths

12. Create a turnstile homework station that’s easily accessible. 

I love this mini homework station. SImply place in the middle of the table and the kiddos will have all their school supplies right within reach. Repin for later!

Via Mom on Time Out

Click here for the full tutorial .

13. Use a simple shoe organizer to store school supplies. 

Use a simple shoe organizer to store your kiddos school supplies so that they are out the way. Repin for later!

Via I Can Teach My Child

14. Use bulletin boards to help your kids stay focused on tasks throughout the week. 

I love the idea of having a bulletin board for each child. Repin for later!

Via Crafty Southern Mama

15. Pick out outfits for the week and store them in a labeled closet organizer. 

Plan out your kids outfits for the week by placing them in a labeled hanging closet organizer. Repin for later!

Via The Gunny Sack 

This closet organizer will make the week go by smoother since the kids will not waste time trying to pick out outfits everyday.

16.  Make sure your kids always have something healthy to snack on by making an after-school food station. 

Prep snacks for the week and store them in bins so the kids can grab and go. Love this idea! Repin!

Via Fabulessly Frugal 

17. Create a magnetic school supply board so that items do not get misplaced. 

Make a magnetic board to store and organize your kiddos school supplies. Nothing will get lost again! Repin for later/

Via Second Chance to Dream

Full tutorial on this project can be found here. 

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