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Be inspired by these quick and easy Halloween costumes for babies that you can make at home.

Save time, money and effort with these simple but cute DIY Halloween costumes for your little ones.

I’m sure you will love these ideas! Keep scrolling below to check them out.

19 Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costumes for Babies

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Little Miss Sunshine halloween costume. Love this! Repinning for later.


This “Little Miss Sunshine” costume is so adorable. You can get as creative as you may like by pairing like clothing colors together. The over the shoulder sash was crafted with ribbon and felt letters. 

Baby Cow Halloween Costume. Love this! Repin for later.


How sweet is this little cow? Using black felt and baby bottle nipples, you can recreate this look easily!

Aerobics Instructor Baby Halloween Costume


This is an aerobics class that I would love to take! Grab a onesie, pants and socks to turn your kiddo into the cutest fitness instructor in the world.

Gumball costume halloween for babies


Gumballs anyone? Create the hat using gumballs and felt or you can opt to use a beanie such as these.


Where’s waldo? Give me a minute, this is a tough one! A simple red and white striped onesie and a pair of jeans does the trick of creating this super cute costume.

Mummy baby Halloween costume. Repin for later!


Mommy’s little mummy! No need to break the bank for this look. Use medical gauze or bandages dyed with tea, softly wrapped around baby for this easy costume.

Cotton candy baby halloween costume. Repin for later! Love this.


She’s definitely sweeter than cotton candy! Use pink dyed cotton balls to fluff out a costume that will cure anyone’s sweet tooth.

Vintage body builder baby costume for halloween. Repin this!


Everyone watch out for Mr. Muscles here! Attach party balloons to the end of a paper towel roll to create the barbell.

No sew pineapple baby halloween costume. Repin for later!


Holy pineapples! How cute is this? Use felt to create the design on the bodysuit and headband for this simple 2 piece costume.

Dalai Lama baby halloween costume idea. How cute!


Dalai Lama would approve! I love this costume and those glasses are the cutest!

Diy Kill Bill Halloween Costume for Babies. Love this!


Kill Bill’s cutest assassin. Keep it simple with a yellow body suit and black accessories. The katana is a very nice touch!

DIY ice cream sundae halloween costume for babies. Love this idea! Repin.


Here’s an ice cream sundae that will only melt your heart!

Pokeball diy baby halloween costume. Love this idea! Repin!


Gotta catch ’em all! This pokeball is sure to keep people around much longer than needed!


A dream team indeed! Those with siblings would love to recreate this look. Craft felt cut into the iconic shapes and symbols of our favorite super heroes and heroines.

DIY dalmatian halloween costume for babies. Repin!


Who needs 101 Dalmatians? She is sure to steal the show. Use kid friendly facepaint for the nose and any spots. Similar tutus can be found here. 

Winnie the Pooh diy halloween costume for babies. Love this!


Winnie the Pooh! He’s definitely cuddly and stuffed with fluff!

I love this Harry Potter halloween costume for babies. So cute!


Which house are you? Hogwarts or Gryffindor? I’m definitely going with Hogwarts if this little cutie is there! The glasses really sets this costume apart!

Diy baby sushi costume. Love this idea!


Sushi is yummy and very cute too! No need to break the bank for this idea, simply use salmon colored cloth and felt stripes to recreate this adorable costume.

Charlie brown diy halloween costume for babies.


Imagine if the whole entire Peanut Gang was in this photo? A simple zig-zag stripe across this onesie is more than enough.

I hope you enjoyed these 19 creative DIY Halloween costumes for babies! Which one was your favorite? Feel free to comment below!

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