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In this post, I will share a simple DIY no-scrub toilet bowl cleaner that will certainly make your life easier.

This cleaner works wonderfully to keep your toilet bowl smelling fresh and free from grime for several weeks.

DIY No-Scrub Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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Cleaning the toilet is not a task that many people enjoy doing.

In the quest to find a better way to keep the toilets in my home cleaner for longer, I stumbled across a simple homemade toilet cleaner by the DIY Guinea Pig and I wanted to try it out and create my own.

I love this toilet bowl cleaner because it saves water, makes my toilet smell fresh and cuts my cleaning time in half. This no-scrubbing required toilet cleaner is made with all-natural ingredients which is an added plus for anyone who prefers to clean with non-toxic chemicals.

Simply place this mason jar upside in your toilet’s water tank to allow the ingredients to seep out during every flush.


Make your own toilet bowl cleaner. It's better than those blue tablets that they sell in the store and costs way less!

Materials Needed: 



  1. Drill 2 holes in the lid of the mason jar. This will help the liquid flow out evenly when placed inside of your water tank.
  2. Remove lid and add 1/4 cup dish soap and fill the rest of the container with white vinegar and .
  3. (Optional) Add a few drops of blue soap dye to the mixture so that you will know when to replenish the container.
  4. Tightly screw on lid.
  5. Flush your toilet, then quickly place mason jar with lid facing down into your toilet’s water tank.


I’ve noticed that this mixture lasts for 3 weeks before having to be refilled. This simple solution has kept my toilets clean and fresh without a lot of effort or time.

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