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Have you been looking for ways to organize and declutter your kitchen?

In this post, you will find 21 kitchen storage and organizing ideas that are simply genius!

You will love the creativity of these time, space and money saving kitchen organization hacks.

Keep scrolling below to the awesomeness!

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1.Use sink caddies inside of the pantry or cabinet doors for sauce packets.

Save space and time by keeping your small kitchen items like sauce packets in sink caddies inside the pantry door or along the wall. | via Pop Cane


2. Store canned goods in wire bins under or within cabinets or pantry.

Store your canned goods in wire bins that can be stored underneath or within your kitchen cabinets or pantry. | via Honeybear Lane


3. Store cereal in airtight containers.

Store your cereal in space saving airtight containers that can be stacked or placed next to each other for easy access. | via Honeybear Lane


4. Store your Pasta, Rice, and Flour in stackable containers.

Use stackable airtight containers to store pasta, rice, and flour. | via Honeybear Lane


5. Use a magazine holder to store long boxes inside the under-sink cabinet door.

These DIY kitchen organization ideas are brilliant!

Use a metal magazine holder to store your aluminum foil and plastic cling wrap boxes. | via Listoic

6. Declutter your under sink cabinets by using pull out drawers.

The under cabinet of this sink was transformed using a only a few pieces of plywood and dollar store plastic bins. | via The Kim Six Fix

7. Organize your fridge by placing items in clear bins.

Using clear storage bins for items in your fridge is a great idea! It will save so space! | via Shelterness

8. Use a paper towel holder to store trash bags under the sink.

Keep your trash bags on a roll using a paper towel holder. This is genius! | via Simply Organized


9. Create a kitchen command center using the wall next to the kitchen entrance.

The wall next to your kitchen’s entryway is perfect to store keys, dry erase boards and other utility items. | via At Charlotte’s House

10. Use clear or wire baskets to store veggies and fruits.

Save space by using clear or wire baskets to hold fresh vegetables and fruits. | via Buzzfeed

11. Use a kitchen turntable for utensils or spices on the kitchen counter top.

This kitchen turntable is perfect for saving space and organizing utensils or spices on the kitchen counter top. | via Inspiration for Moms


12. Use dividers to separate lids and containers in the kitchen drawer.

Use plastic dividers to organize lids and containers in your kitchen drawer. | via Lonny


13. Use mason jars to store spices in the kitchen drawer.

Use chalkboard labels on the lids of your mason jars for organizing and storing your kitchen spices. | via Dwellings by Devore


14. Make a recipe box to store your favorites.

Print out your favorite recipes and store them in a box that you can keep within reach when you need them. | via The Merry Thought


15. Use a towel rack to store your pot and pan lids.

These DIY kitchen organization ideas are brilliant!

Using a simple towel rack to store your pot and pan lids is a fantastic way to keep your kitchen more organized. | via Hip to Save


16. Use metal baskets under your kitchen sink to store cleaning supplies.

Metal baskets are very sturdy and reliable for your household items that you wish to store underneath your kitchen sink. | via At Home with Nikki

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17. Repurpose a cake stand to organize kitchen items. 

You can repurpose a cake stand or make your own using dollar store items to stylishly store and organize kitchen essentials.  | via Liz Marie Blog

18. Use a spice gripper to store spices inside of your kitchen cabinet doors.

These DIY kitchen organization ideas are brilliant!

Using a spice gripper to store spices is very creative and huge space saver! | via City Girls and Country Pearls


19.Use an over the sink shelf to maximize counter space.

Use an expandable sink shelf to help declutter your counters while creating additional shelving for your dish detergent and other items. | via Amazon

20. Use a shoe organizer to store food items in pantry.

If you are lacking space in your pantry, a shoe organizer would be best to store extra food items. | via Money Saving Queen 


21. Turn a TV cabinet into a pantry extension.

Running out of space is never cool. This mom purchased a tv cabinet and transformed it into a secondary pantry! | The Yummy Life


22. Use a cereal dispenser to save space.

via Pinterest

23. Store pot lids upside down in pot. 

If you place your pot lids upside down in the pot it will make it easier to stack them.


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