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Looking for ways to keep your bathroom medicine cabinet neat and organized?

Well, look no further.

In this post, you’ll find 8 super inspiring ways to declutter your medicine cabinet and keep it tidy for longer.

Check them out below!

 Medicine Cabinet Organization Ideas

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Use plastic drawers to organize medicine. 


Use mini plastic drawers to organize your medicine. This will ensure that you can find what you need when you need it.  Plus, a handy label maker is must-have for making the process of organizing medicine a lot easier. | via Just A Girl Blog


Make a medicine bin for each family member based on special needs. 

Make and label a medicine bin for family members that have certain allergies or medicine requirements.

Make and label bins for each family member depending on their needs. This can be handy for those with certain allergies or specialized medicine requirements. | via Calculating Blessings


Add a chalkboard panel for keep track of daily doses. 

Add this chalkboard label to your medicine cabinet to keep track of daily doses.

Add a simple chalkboard contact paper to the door of your medicine cabinet to make keeping track of daily doses of medicine a lot easier. | via Lovely Lucky Life


Use a Lazy Susan to organize vitamins to save space. 

This is a great idea for storing medicine and saving space!

A Lazy Susan is a great tool to use to save space in your medicine cabinet. Also, it’s great for keeping  your vitamins organized and easily accessible when needed. | via A Bowl Full of Lemons


Use stylish storage bins for a neat and orderly look. 

Use bins to hide medicine and make your medicine cabinet look neater.

To make your medicine cabinet look less cluttered, you can simply store your medicines in stylish bins. | via Pinterest


Attach magnetic strips inside your medicine cabinet for extra storage. 

Attach magnetic strips to the inside your medicine cabinet to store small items such as hair pins and grooming tools.

Place a few magnetic strips inside your medicine cabinet to store make up, hair pins and grooming tools. | via Simplified Bee


Organize your medicine based on ailment. 

Use labeled bins to organize medicine based on ailment.

Sort your medicine into simple categories using plastic storage baskets to make finding the right medicine for your family’s ailments easier. | via Carolina on My Mind


Use command hooks to store toothbrushes, razors and other small items. 

This is a GREAT IDEA! Use command hooks on medicine cabinet door to hang razor.

via That 70’s House

THIS is completely genius! Use command hooks to organize toothbrushes in the medicine cabinet.

via Pinterest

Command hooks are excellent tools for storing items such as your toothbrushes and razors on the inside your medicine cabinet doors.


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