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The dollar store is chock full of affordable items that you can flip into the perfect home decor piece.

If you are looking for cheap and creative ideas to make your home more beautiful, then check out these creative DIY dollar store ideas.


15 Dollar Store DIY Ideas

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1. DIY Aged Galvanized Planter

via Little House of Four

Age a dollar store galvanized planter with just salt, white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide to get a rustic look that compliments your home decor.

2. Antique Plaque

Creations by Kara

Create an antique plaque for you home by spraying a metal tray with antique spray paint. Complete the look with a sweet message for family and friends.

3. Rubber Mat Wall Art

via Salvage Dior

Turn a rubber mat into a stylish wall piece for your home with a little bit of spray paint. Use sandpaper to create a vintage look and feel.

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4. Cheese Shaker Vase

via Sadie Seasongoods

Visit your local thrift store to find a cheap cheese shaker that you can later paint and repurpose into a beautiful vase for displaying flowers or other items.

5. Solar Lamp

Make a solar lamp for your patio.

DIY solar lamp for patio.

via Shelly Leer

Make a solar lamp to use at night for your patio. Items such as lamps and solar lights are found at most dollar stores.

6. Jewelry dish

via The 36th Avenue

Collect a few glass dishes and spray them with your favorite colors to compliment your home decor. These dishes are great for holding jewelry or displaying other decorative items.

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7. Decorative Night Light

via Mod Podge Rocks

Turn a simple night light into a decorative piece with just mod podge and a Sharpie.

8.  Dollar Store Command Center


via My Life and Kids

Create a command center for your family using common items found at any dollar store.  A can of spray paint can help to add a pop of color.

9. Decorative Flower Bouquet

via Good Home Design

These flower bouquets can be made quick and easy with just a few items. Perfect for weddings, birthdays, holidays and other special events.

10. Personalized Storage Bins

via Just Vintage Home

Turn an ordinary set of storage bins into a stylish set that will help you keep your home organized.

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11. Wall Art

via Live Love DIY

In need of some wall art? Well look no further! Turn a blank canvas into a work of art with a pack of thumbtacks in your favorite color.

12. Decorative Lantern

via Grosgrain Fab

Turn a set of cheap picture frames into beautiful “hurricane lanterns” that you can display on your tabletop or wall.

13. Decorative Dishes


via Average But Inspired

A set of plain white dishes can can turned into a vintage decorative set for your kitchen or dining room using a few stencils and paint.

14. Pebble Backsplash

Make a backsplash using pebbles from dollar store.

via Girl Just DIY

Cheap pebbles can be painted and used a unique backsplash for your kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

15. Mason Jar Soap Dispensers

15 Dollar Store DIY Ideas

via Everyday Dishes

Mason jars are not only the go to for canning foods, but they can also be upgraded into stylish soap dispensers for the kitchen and bathroom using just a touch of paint.