21 Dollar Store Organization Hacks You’ll Love

Here are a few cheap and easy dollar store organizing ideas I can not wait to share with you!

These dollar store hacks will not “break the bank” and will help you keep your home neat and organized.

If you want to be inspired, keep scrolling below to check them out!

21 Dollar Store Organization Ideas

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1. Use dollar store bins to give your linen closet a complete makeover.

Via Homemade Ginger

These plastic bins really make this linen closet look so organized.

2. Use cheap utensil trays to organize jewelry.

Via Tatertots & Jello

Grab a couple of utensil trays and spray paint them how you like. Then use them to display and organize your lovely jewelry and accessories.

3. Use a craft organizer to store hair accessories.

Via The Idea Room

Keep all your little hair accessories in one place using a simple craft storage box.

4. Use plastic cups to store craft essentials and other supplies.

Via Flicker

Here’s another use for cheap plastic cups! Store art supplies in a convenient location such as on a pegboard in your craft room.

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5. Use plastic bins to organize toys in the kids’ playroom.

Via Clutterbug

Label these storage bins with pictures or words to help your kids organize their toys when playtime is over.

6. Spray paint dollar store bins to give them a vintage locker look.

Via Chic California

Can you believe that these are spray painted plastic bins? To get this look, click here for the full tutorial.

7. Use simple baskets to store and organize bathroom towels.

Via I’m Busy Procrastinating

Use simple decorative baskets to store towels in your bathroom.

8. Hang a wire basket in your bathroom to organize nail polish and other beauty supplies.

Via Liz Marie Blog

Store nail polish or other beauty supplies in a simple wire basket that you can hang on your bathroom wall.

9. Use a simple plastic caddy to organize snacks for family road trips.

Via The Hariss Sisters

Keeping snacks in a plastic caddy during road trip will help prevent big messes and spills.

10. Glue pretty fabric behind a picture frame to use as a budget-friendly dry erase board.

Via Sew Lux

Attach a pretty fabric behind a cheap dollar store frame to create a budget-friendly dry erase board to write messages and memos.

11. Use a shoe organizer to store hair supplies and products.

Via Cosmopolitan

A shoe organizer can store more than shoes! Use it to organize your hair products and other grooming supplies in the bathroom.

12. Attach plastic cups to your bathroom cabinet door to store toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Via Living Well Mom

Save counter space by opting to use the back of your cabinet door for storage.

13. Use plastic bins to neatly organize your bathroom drawers.

Via The Summery Umbrella

Plastic bins are a great tool that you can use to help minimize clutter in your bathroom drawer.

14. Use plastic baskets and bins to organize your laundry room on a budget.

Via Nikki Jayne Papery

15. Use plastic bins to organize diapers and other baby items in the nursery.

Via Pinterest

Organize a nursery with a couple plastic bins that you can find for cheap at your local dollar store.

16. Use plastic bins to neatly store and organize toys in the garage.

Via The Organized Mama

Label the bins for each

17. Use stackable bins to make this play cash register/ toy organizer.

Via Pinterest

I would like to add wheels to the bottom of this so that it would be mobile and could be placed in a closet.

18. Use plastic bins to store your shoes and save space in your closet.

Via Our Next Great Adventure

19. Use an ice tray to sort and organize jewelry.

Via Yesterday on Tuesday

20. Use a small bin to make a DIY charging station.

Via Time with Thea

21. Use metal pizza pans to store and organize magnetic toys.

Via Dollar Store Crafts

Using pizza pans is a creative way to store magnetic letters and other small items.

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