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Dusting the house is rarely a chore that’s at the top of the list of things that I actually enjoy doing.

However, when you have allergies and other sensitivities it has to be done by someone (and in most cases by me!)

Whatever the situation may be, these brilliant dusting hacks will help make cleaning a little bit more bearable.

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Dusting Tips for the Home

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Use an old pillowcase to dust ceiling fan blades. 

Use an old pillowcase to dust your ceiling fan blades. You will never have to worry about getting dust everywhere when you clean.

Via Krazy Koupon Lady

No more dust flying all over the room, everything is contained in the pillowcase which you can either wash later or toss in the trash. Your choice!

Rub your indoor plants’ leaves with Mayo for extra shine after dusting.

After dusting your indoor plants, rub mayonnaise on the leaves to boost their shine.

Via Krazy Koupon Lady

Apply car wax to your air vents to repel dust and keep them clean. 

Apply wax to your air vents to repel future dust and to keep them clean.

Via Somewhat Simple

Use wax paper to sweep your hardwood floors as well as cover the tops of your cabinets to prevent dust from collecting. 

IF you run out of swifter pads, use wax paper to sweep up dust. You can also cover the tops of your kitchen cabinets with wax paper to repel dust.

Via Awesome Inventions

Dryer sheets work to remove dust from your furniture and baseboards. 

Use dryer sheets to repel dust from your furniture and baseboards.

Via Today

Dust your baseboards with a dryer sheet to repel dust.

Via Kiwi Services

The anti-static chemicals in the dryer sheets work wonderfully to repel dust! Remember this for later!

Use old pantyhose to dust delicate items…

Use old pantyhose to dust delicate furniture and other items around the home.

Via Instructables

Pantyhose also works really well to clean dust from your candles!

…as well as to cover and protect your computer vents. 

Prevent dust from collecting on your computer vents by using pantyhose. Cut a out a piece the size of your vents and tape it over them.

Via Groomed Home

Protect your computer vents from collecting dust by using pantyhose to cover the vents. This will also make your computer last longer and improve efficiency!

Use a can of compressed air to dust your bathroom vents.

Use compressed air to quickly clean your hard to reach air vents.

Via Family Handyman

You can really get into those tight spaces without having to take down your entire vent.

Repurpose fuzzy socks to use as Swiffer pads when dusting your floors or walls.

Repurpose socks as swiffer pads. Once you are done cleaning, simply throw them into the washer.

Via An English Accent

This is a trick that will save you tons of money over the long run!

Dust extra delicate items, such as ceramic and glass trinkets, with a soft bristled makeup brush. 

Use a soft bristle makeup brush to dust your delicate glass and ceramic trinkets.

Do you have any dusting tips that you would like to share? Leave a comment below! We would love to hear from you 🙂

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