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If you’re struck with wanderlust and think you don’t have the means to travel, think again.

You may be surprised to find out that there are a variety of ways to not just travel for free, but to get paid to travel.

And no, you don’t need to be an Instagram-famous travel influencer to do it. 

By now you’re probably thinking, “How can I make money traveling?” Well, here’s how.

Keep reading for 10 easy ways to make money traveling.

1. Teach English Abroad

Did you know that there are programs all over the world where English-speaking citizens are hired to teach both school children and adults how to speak basic english?

Whether you’re fluently bilingual or only know the very basics of another language, you can have the opportunity to travel the world and get paid for it through teaching.

Start by applying to programs like the TEFL International Academy, Go Aboard, and Go Overseas. You never know where your language skills might take you!  

2. Freelance Travel Writing

Ever dreamed about documenting your travels and getting paid for it? It might be time to take up freelance writing.

Create stories out of the many destinations you’ve already visited – from general city guides to unique profile pieces on lesser-known places – and sell the finished article to a publication.

The more pieces you get published, the more likely you’ll get hired for an all-expense paid press trip. 

3. Working Holiday Visa

If you want to spend a significant time abroad in a specific country, you’ll want to look into getting a working holiday visa.

This is a residence permit that allows travelers to be employed in the specific country issuing the visa as a means to support their travels.

Most working holiday visa programs will let you live in a country for up to 12 months, in which you’d need to supplement your stay with any given job. 

4. Sell Your Photos

Turn your vacation photography from hobby into a paycheck.

Sell your best photos from your previous trips around the globe to a variety of travel outlets, magazines, and online publications.

Use the income from your photography to fund your next adventure and keep this cycle going.

You’ll eventually build an impressive portfolio of work and may be offered even more opportunities to explore the world and document it on camera.

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5. Pet and House Sitting Services

Yes, you can get paid to travel the world just by looking after people’s houses and furry friends!

Check out websites like TrustedHouseSitters.com and DestinationSitters.com next time you’re planning a vacation. In exchange for taking care of someone’s pets while they’re out of town, you’ll get a free place to stay at their home.

This takes a major expense out of your travels so you can put the money elsewhere – perhaps spend this on a private excursion or activity at your destination instead! 

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6. Rent Out Your Car or Home (Airbnb)

Why not make a profit at home even when you’re flying somewhere else around the world? With rental options like Airbnb and Turo, you can rent out your home and car while you’re away.

These websites are certified and trusted so you don’t have to worry about someone being a liability to your private property.

The money you make from selling your home and car for temporary use can go directly into your travel budget or be saved for another trip down the line. It’s a win-win for travelers! 

7. Start a Travel Blog/Instagram 

Making money through travel may be as simple as sharing your experiences online and on social media.

Create a user-friendly blog website, research the ins and outs of Search Engine Optimization, study what other bloggers have done to succeed, and give it a go.

You have nothing to lose, and literally the world to gain!

You’ll be delighted to find out that you don’t need a million Instagram followers to get paid for social media and blogging, as micro-influencers are becoming an increasingly beneficial market for businesses. 

Once you build an online presence, you’ll be able to get paid for brand partnerships and may even be invited on free trips in the future. 

8. Resort/Summer Camp Work

If you have ever thought, “I want to travel and make money,” then working at a resort or summer camp may be a fantastic idea for you to try out.

Many resorts will hire seasonal workers for their designated “busy seasons.”

For most places, that includes spring and summer. Reach out to resorts and summer camps in destinations where you’re interested in visiting and see if they’re hiring for the season or period of time you’re wanting to go.

More places than you think will be open to working with visitors from all over the world. 

9. Become a Tour Guide

City sites and attractions are always looking for guides to show their tourists around and provide valuable education and interesting facts about the destination.

Take advantage of this opportunity by becoming a tour guide in your dream destination. You’ll get to check another country or city off your bucket list while getting paid, and it doesn’t get any better than that.

10. Au Pair

If you love children as much as you love traveling, look into becoming an au pair.

An au pair is a helper from a foreign country who works for and lives with a host family.

You’ll most likely act as a nanny and housekeeper, but with the benefits of both getting paid and having a free place to live.

Before agreeing to this, check with your potential host family about your hours and vacation days.

Many host families will be happy to give you plenty of time for travels and fun, as they know this is part of why you became an au pair in the first place. 


Overall, traveling can be profitable for anybody who puts in the extra effort to find a way.

From documenting your experiences on camera or on paper to caring for children and renting out your home, there are a plethora of options out there that can help you make money traveling.