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You’ve seen how great a backdrop of green looks on an Instagram photo.

Chances are you’ve probably found yourself questioning how these lovely content creators on IG are able to keep so many plants alive and well, creating the perfect addition to the rooms in their homes.

Well, you’re in luck. Here’s the perfect list to get you prepped to dip your toe into the world of plant parenting.

It can be difficult, no doubt, but having a beautiful leafy green thing oxygenating your home is totally worth it.

Browse these 10 essentials for bringing home your first plant baby and prepare to begin on your journey to obsessed and proud plant parenthood.

10 Essentials for First-Time Plant Parents

The Perfect Plant Book to Give You the Basics and Decorate Your Coffee Table

Every person and every plant should come with a survival guide. Luckily, Amazon has your back.

The #1 houseplant book on Amazon conveniently comes in a digital format or hardcover and has amassed 3540 4.5-star reviews.

Check out How Not to Kill your Houseplant: Survival Tips for the Horticulturally Challenged and begin to read up on what houseplants might work best for your lifestyle.

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Beat Plant Owner Imposter Syndrome by Picking Up a Set of Dedicated Plant Tools

There’s nothing like a tool kit to make you feel like you can handle the job.

This cute – and affordable – Small Indoor Gardening Tool Set on Amazon is perfect for transplanting, trimming, and any other plant maintenance you may need to take care of.

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Pick Up Some Lovely Gardening Gloves to Add to Your Tool Kit

While we’re on the topic of preparation, grab yourself some gardening gloves! If you’ve ever given any thought to replanting a cactus, you know what I mean.

These affordable Amazon Basics Gloves have great reviews and extra-long forearms for functionality.

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Keep Your Plant Fed & Your “To-Do” List Free

Now to the good stuff. Your plant likes to eat, too!

Plant food can be that little bit that keeps your plant happy, healthy, and full of life.

These Miracle-Gro Plant Food Spikes come in a 24 pack with 1 spike so you can keep your plant fed with minimal effort and minimal cost.

Nourish Your Plant with the Perfect Amount of Water and Minimal Effort

If you really want to keep your To-Do List free, invest in self-watering products!

From self-watering planters to watering bulbs, you can make sure your plant has the correct amount of water, whenever it needs it.

All you have to do is periodically fill the planter or the bulb.

Amazon has chic 5.5 Inch Self-Watering Pots for less than $40. With this pack of 3, you can have a matching set of planters that will make a timeless addition to any mantle or bookshelf.

If you want to pick your own planter, a bulb is probably more your style.

From Cat Bulbs, to Bird Bulbs, to Artsy Bulbs, you can easily make sure your plant stays plenty hydrated.

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Every Plant Owner Needs a Watering Can

If self-watering isn’t your thing and you’d prefer a more hands-on relationship with your plant baby, that’s okay!

Just grab yourself a little watering can, and you’ll be good to go.

A great set on Amazon is a combination set. The Bravedge Watering Can comes complete with an adorable watering device AND a matching spray bottle so you can give your plant baby some light misting if it needs.

Liquid Plant Food is a Must-Have for Healthy Plant Babies

Along with food and water, plants can benefit greatly from plant fertilizer.

This Miracle-Gro Indoor Plant Food is frequently bought with the above plant food spike and is ideal for all kinds of houseplants.

The 8 oz bottle is less than $10 and should feed 2 or 3 small plants for nearly half of the year! It definitely couldn’t hurt to have some backup plant food if you see your plants looking extra hungry.

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Encourage Your Houseplant with Sunlight Mimicking Bulbs

If you’re concerned about the lighting in your home and the health of your plant or future plants, invest in a couple of Miracle LED Absolute Daylight Bulbs.

These bulbs are going to replicate sunlight and promote healthy growth and flowering for your indoor plant.

While you can buy a plant lamp, these bulbs should fit in most lamp sockets in your home.

This allows you to place them wherever you need them, without compromising your décor.

Save Space in Any Home with Hanging Planters

If you’re concerned about where to put your plant or about keeping it safe from wandering children and animals, buy yourself a hanging planter!

Not only are they totally cute, but they save space and elevate your décor. 

For less than $20 on Amazon, you can get a pack of 5 Macrame Plant Hangers + Hooks. Each planter has its’ own design and nothing but positive reviews.

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Lastly, Protect Your Plant from Pests Out to Get It

Summer is coming up and just because your plant may be indoors, doesn’t mean it’s not susceptible to insect damage.

The last thing you want is to find out your poor plant baby has an insect problem and you’re not prepared.

We love this KGK 20-Pack of dual-sided sticky traps that will protect your plant – and your home – from flying pests.


Becoming a plant parent can be a very fun, exciting and rewarding job.

If you have the right tools, it can be way easier to grow happy, healthy plants.

Make sure before you start your journey that you have the necessary supplies to help your plants thrive.