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If you’ve been looking for garage storage ideas, then you’ve come to the right place.

Now is the perfect time to clean, declutter and organize your garage. From organizing your power tools to color coding your circuit breaker, here are 13 amazing garage storage ideas to try.

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1. Use window planters to store spray paint cans. 

You can repurpose items such as window planters to store paint cans and other items in your garage. | via Polished Habit


2. Use simple baskets and bins for storage.

Your local dollar store is a great place to find cheap baskets and bins to store sport equipment. | via Old Salt Farm

3. Install pegboard along your garage wall. 

Pegboard is very versatile and can be an inexpensive way to create additional storage space when you need it. | via Better Homes & Gardens

4. Use stackable storage bins to save space. 

Using stackable storage bins will help you maximize vertical storage space while keeping small items such as cords and light bulbs. | via Organized Marie


5. Repurpose old coffee canisters into recycling bins.

Old coffee cans can be retouched with just a touch of paint and repurposed as recycling bins for used batteries. | via Lil Blue Boo

6. Use rolling shelves to store emergency goods. 

Emergency goods such as toilet paper and water can be stored on rolling shelves so that they can be moved around quickly and easily when needed. | via Heart and Home


7. Use labeled plastic bins to store items not for immediate use.

If there are items in your garage that you do not use regularly, place them in labeled plastic bins and use a sturdy shelf to keep these items organized. | via A Bowl Full of Lemons

8. Laundry baskets can be used to store outdoor balls.

Keep your children’s outdoor toys and balls in laundry baskets for easy access and clean up. | via OrgJunkie

9. Old paint can be stored in labeled mason jars. 

Store leftover or old paint in mason jars to save space while maintaining a neat and organized look. | via Hi Sugar Plum

10. Make use of vertical space by adding shelving to garage walls.

Add additional shelving to your garage walls to maximize vertical space. | via Better Homes and Gardens


11. Color code your circuit breaker for accessibility.

Have you ever stood at your circuit breaker confused and not knowing which switch will turn the lights back on? Well go ahead and color code everything so that you are ready in case of an emergency. | via First Home Love Life

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12. Use wood crates for storage. 

Wood crates are not only durable but can be perfect for storing and organizing shoes and other things in your garage. | via Double the Blessings


13. Use a bike hook and bungee cord to create storage for wires and extension cords.

A simple bungee cord and bike hook can create the perfect storage system for all those random wires and extension cords in your garage. | via One Good Thing by Jillee


14. Designate space to store boots and other essentials. 

When organizing your garage, designate a space to keep rain boots and other items such as sunscreen near the door. | via I Heat Organizing


15. Create a charging station for your power tools.

Following this very simple tutorial, you can learn how to make your very own power tool storage and charging station| via Her Tool Belt



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