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If you’re anything like me, sometimes you wake up and your hair gives off the impression that you’ve been pulled through a hedge overnight.

When you’ve got plenty of time it’s not so much of an issue, but when you’ve got things going on, you want to refresh that bed hair as quickly and effectively as you can.


Bed Hair: Everything you need to know to refresh your hair in the morning

Whether it’s picking a manageable style, controlling the mess with heat or knowing how to get shiny hair when you’ve got the morning tangles, my tips are really going to help you tame those flyaway locks.

Here's a few simple tips on how to get rid of bed hair in the morning.

Quick wash

When I just can’t face the thought of a full hair wash, a quick one will do the trick. Section off the hair that’s looking a bit worse for wear, pull the rest back in a band and get to work.

By simply dealing with the oily, frazzled, out of control parts, you can achieve the illusion of it being totally refresh.

While you’re under the shower think about detangling with a comb or brush too – just pop on a little conditioner to make it easier to unknot. If you want to know how to get shiny hair easily, conditioner is definitely your friend.

2. Whip out the stylers

Heat is very good at settling hair down and is a quick way to create a refreshed style.

This isn’t the best option for every day, as too much heat isn’t great on your locks, but when you’re pushed for time the tongs or straighteners can be a real lifesaver.

Depending on time you can create a completely fresh look but, to be honest, even the quickest once over will make things easier to deal with. But, remember to apply a heat protectant before using any heat styling tools.

3. Pick your product

Just as with the stylers, sometimes you have to go in with the hair products. Hair oils, mousses and frizz-relieving sprays all have their place when your hair is everywhere. Like with heat, though, just try not to overdo it on a regular basis.

In this post, you will learn how to fix and prevent bed head hair!

4. Time for a trusty old friend

Thank goodness for the bun! It’s a real go-to style when you want to look ready for the day, but your hair really isn’t.

Take your strands in your hands, tie them up and secure with a few bobby pins. Don’t worry if you’ve left a few flyaway strands; that can easily be passed off as you being effortlessly chic.

5. Prevention is better than cure

If you’re really susceptible to crazy hair in the morning the best approach might be to deal with it the night before. Tactics like pinning up long hair, conditioning the tips and covering with a light scarf have worked wonders for some. Find out which option works best for you.

6. Celebrate the bed hair

Depending on where you’ve got to be, who you’re going to see and what level of crazy your hair is, sometimes it’s ok to just embrace bed hair. So, channel your inner bohemian chick and rock it out with your footloose locks.


See! With a few simple tips, there’s no reason you can’t manage the tangles and overcome bed hair with ease. It’s really nothing to stress about… after all, if sorting it out doesn’t go to plan you can just embrace it!

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