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Who likes saving money at the grocery store? I do!

I love finding new ways to save money, and when I come across something super awesome I can’t help but share!

This post has 9 grocery store hacks that will save you so much time, energy and money.

Keep scrolling below to see 9 these awesome grocery shopping tips.

Looking for ways to save money at the grocery store? Check out this list of 9 grocery store hacks that will change how you shop forever.

9 Grocery Store Hacks

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Read the unit label on everything to know how much you are really spending at the grocery store.

1. Read unit prices on everything.

If you really want to save money at the grocery and you don’t feel like doing any mental math, Angel Chang suggests checking out the unit price on the label. The unit price will tell you exactly how much you are paying per ounce, pound or any other unit. This method is great for comparing prices between products and can save you a ton of money every time you shop.

2. If you miss a sale, ask for a rain check.

If there was a crazy good sale in your grocery store and the item you wanted is out of stock, Jeanette Pavini of the Huffington suggests asking for a rain check. A rain check pretty much entitles you to receive that same item at a later date for its current sales price. Sweet!

3. Go grocery shopping on Wednesdays.

Studies have shown that Wednesday is the best day to go grocery shopping. Only 11% of shoppers go to stores on Wednesdays. If you really want to avoid a huge crowd, try shopping after 9 pm on any day of the week. It is reported that less than 4% of shoppers are in store during that time. Tip courtesy of Lifetricks.

4. Want to know if your Ice Cream is fresh? Press the top lid.

I love ice cream! If you are like me, I will dig around until I find the one with the least amount of ice crystals on the packaging but obviously, I’ve been doing it all wrong. To see if your ice cream is fresh try this trick: Press the top lid. If it is hard it is fresh. If it decompresses, that’s a sign that it was thawed and refrozen. Genius! Tip Courtesy of Life Tricks

5.Target price matches with Amazon.

Target is one of my favorite retail stores and after finding out that they price match with Amazon made it even more so. Target not only price matches with Amazon but other online retailers such as Best Buy, Wayfair, and many others. Check out the full price-match competitor’s list here. 


6. Use Google to get alerts on coupons or other deals from your favorite stores. 

Google can send you alerts whenever there is a deal or coupon released from your favorite stores. Here’s how it works: Go to google.com/alerts and simply type in the name of your favorite grocery store and either “coupons”, “deals”, etc. and voila! You will be instantly alerted of any new discounts. Awesome!

7. If you get a grocery flyer in the mail, only read the first page.

According to Lauren Greutman, the front of a grocery store’s weekly flyer is the most important page because it contain’s the store’s most discounted items also known as “Loss Leaders.” Stores choose items that they are willing to accept a loss on by offering deep discounts that will entice you shop at their store.

8. Remember to search for key ingredients and other food items in other places.

Store’s will stock similar ingredients in different places around the store and sometimes these items are cheaper depending on where they are located. “Sesame seeds can be found in the spice isle and Asian food isle. The sesame seeds found on the Asian isle are oftentimes least expensive”, says Suzanne Hayen of Let’s Be Chefs

9. Always go grocery shopping on a full stomach.

This is an old trick that has been around for years. Never go grocery shopping hungry. On an empty stomach you are more likely to impulse buy and purchase items that normally would not. Make sure that before you leave your home you have a snack or something to keep you satiated while grocery shopping.

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