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So apparently, hairspray can be used as a cleaning product.

I’m pretty sure you are as surprised as I am so that’s why today I’m going to share these awesome tips with you.

Keep scrolling below to see these little-known ways to clean with hairspray!

7 Hairspray Cleaning Tricks

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1. Lightly spritz your curtains with hairspray to repel future dirt and dust.

Use hairspray on your curtains to repel dust and dirt. Repin for later!

Via One Good Thing by Jillee

Hairspray can help repel dust and dirt when sprayed lightly over your curtains and air-dried.

2. Remove ink, oil and lipstick stains.

Remove ink stains using hairspray. Wash as normal.

Via Krazy Koupon Lady

Soak the stain in hairspray and wash as normal.The stain should come right out!

Hairspray also works to remove ink stains from leather couches.

Remove ink stains from your leather couches using hairspray. This is a brilliant cleaning hack!

Via Wiki How


3. Clean soap scum from shower doors.

Easily remove soap scum from your shower doors using hairspray.

Via Slip Talk

Spraying your shower doors with hairspray can make it easier to remove soap scum. Wait about 5 minutes before rinsing off with soap and water.

4. Remove sticky labels from jars and other items.

Spray hairspray on a label to remove it quickly and easily.

Via Influenster

Hairspray helps to dissolve the sticky adhesive on labels.


5. Use it to kill house flies and other pests. 

Use hairspray to get rid of house flies and other pests.

Via Reader’s Digest

Just aim and spray. Make sure that it’s water soluble so that it’s easier to clean up.

6. Use hairspray to clean up lint and pet hair.

Spray a towel with hairspray and let dry. Rub cloth over clothes and furniture to get rid of lint and pet hair. Love this hairspray hack!

Via Krazy Coupon Lady

Spray a cloth with hairspray and let dry. Rub the cloth against your clothes or furniture to get rid of lint and pet hair.

7. Spray recipe cards to prevent food splatter stains. 

Spray recipe cards with a thin layer of hairspray to prevent food splatter stains.

Via Krazy Koupon Lady


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