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Listerine has several other uses around the home besides being used as a mouth rinse.

If you are in a pinch, Listerine can be a really effective cleaner for stains, smells and other issues.

If you want to know how you can use the amazing powers of Listerine to keep your home clean, keep reading to find out!

Home Cleaning with Listerine

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Listerine has several other uses for the home and can used for way more than as a mouth rinse.

1. Garbage Disposal

Listerine works wonderfully to kill odors in your mouth and can do the exact same for your garbage disposal!

Pour 1/2 cup of full strength Listerine down your drain to quickly kill odor causing bacteria and  eliminate stinky smells.

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2. Kitchen Trash Can Odor

The kitchen trash can is known for getting pretty smelly with all the things to that we stuff into it daily.

Simply soak a paper towel with a small amount of mouthwash and place it in your trash can to mask bad smells.

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3. Sanitize Washing Machine and Clothes

Add just a cup of Original Listerine mouthwash to a load of clothes to freshen them and your washing machine at the same time.

5. Clean mirrors and windows.

Listerine is a wonderful cleaner for streak-free windows!

All you need to do is mix a 1:1 ratio of water to Listerine and place this solution in a spray bottle.

Use it to clean mirrors and windows with ease.

6. Remove and prevent mold.

Listerine is a very effective fungus killer making it the perfect solution for getting rid of mold and keeping your bathroom and shower smelling fresh.

You can either wipe down counter tops with undiluted Original Listerine  or use a 1:1 ratio mixture to spray in your shower and on your shower liner weekly to prevent mold growth. 

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7. Clean toilets. 

Although Listerine will not remove stains, it does help to disinfect your toilet and remove smells.

Listerine is also a great cleaning product for those who have sensitivities to smells or chemicals in certain cleaners.

Just pour a small amount of Listerine (a cup or less) into your toilet and scrub and flush as you normally would with any other cleaner.

8. Pet stain deodorizer

For those with little fur balls running around, this tip is really helpful!

When your pet has an “accident” on your floor, there’s no worries because Listerine can be used to mask odors and remove urine stains.

Add 1:2 ratio of Original Listerine and water to a spray bottle and spray on any spots left on your carpet to instantly deodorize them and make cleaning easier.

9. Clean cast iron.

According to Carrie Ibbetson, Listerine and salt can used to clean cast iron pans.

This works because Listerine does not strip the coating from your pans making it a great item to bring along with you if camping.

10. Remove hard water stains. 

Water spots do not stand a chance against Listerine.

Rub a small amount on shower doors, faucets or anywhere you have a problem getting rid of water spots to see

I hope that you find these Listerine cleaning tips useful! Try to remember these for the next rainy day!

If you have a few more cleaning tips on how you use Listerine to clean around your home, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment below!

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