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These household tips are every bit as useful today as they were in the 1950s.

Come take a look at these vintage homemaking tips and tricks that are sure to make your life easier.

Homemaking Tips from the 1950s

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These are just a small collection of my top ten favorite tips from the Tip Nut who has several collections of other really useful tips for the home. You can check out more of their tips here. 

1. Put a thimble on the end of your curtain rods.

Slip a thimble on the end of your curtain rods will make it easier to slip on without pulling on any threads.

2. Use a makeup powder puff  to clean delicate items. 

Powder puffs are perfect for cleaning delicate items around the home, such as jewelry and fine silverware, as they are soft and will not scratch the surfaces.

3. Clean oilcloth by wiping it down with milk. 

Warm skim milk should be used to clean oilcloth as it will brighten and preserve it.

4. Clean white window shades with Milk of Magnesia. 

When dealing with white blinds, you can preserve the color of them them by scrubbing each side with a little bit of water and Milk of Magnesia.

5. When putting away white clothes or linens, wrap in blue tissue paper. 

Blue tissue paper or blue cloth will prevent the fabric from turning yellow while in storage.

6. When painting, glue a paper plate to the bottom of the can. 

If you use newspaper to cover the floor, you’ll always have to move it when transporting the paint can. Instead, glue a paper plate to the bottom to catch any paint drips.

7. Use an old curtain rod as a shoe rack. 

Attach the curtrain rod to the inside of your closet or closet door to hold shoes. Hang your shoes by their heels on the rod for quick and simple storage.

8. If you crack a dish, put it in a pot of boiling milk. 

This will make the crack dissappear and make the plate stronger.

9. Cut the bristles off an old broom. 

Attach either a piece of felt, flannel or carpet to the end of the broom and use it as a tool to polish your floors.

10. If you break the knob off your pot lid, use a wine cork. 

If the knob breaks off one of your pot or pan lids, push a screw through the hole and on the opposite end screw on a wine cork. The cork will not get hot so it’s safe to use while cooking.


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