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There are several plants that you can grow in your home that will improve your sleep, reduce stress and anxiety.

If a natural approach to cleaning the air in your home and improving your overall health sounds good to you then you will want these plants in your home as soon as possible.

House Plants for Better Sleep

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1. Peace Lily

Get better sleep at night by placing a peace lily plant in your bedroom

NASA conducted a study in the late 80’s to determine which common indoor plants were the best in cleaning and purifying the air naturally and to everyone’s surprise, peace lilies were an out performer being capable of filtering out 5 extremely toxic air pollutions. With that being said, Peace Lilies are a must-have plant you’ll want to fill your home and bedroom with for better sleep at night.

2. Snake Plant

Get better sleep at night by placing a snake plant in your bedroom.

Snake plants are extremely low-maintenance and requires very little watering (every 2-3 weeks). They are known for absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen into air, which would help to induce a more restful sleep during the night.

3. Aloe Vera

Get better sleep at night by placing an aloe vera plant in your bedroom.

Aloe Vera is an extremely easy plant to grow and doesn’t require a ton of attention, which makes this plant great for beginners. Aside from all the amazing benefits that the aloe plant has to offer, it’s a plant that releases oxygen at night which which help you sleep more peacefully as well as boost your immune system.

4. Gardenia

Get better sleep at night by placing a pot of gardenias in your bedroom.

Gardenias are beautiful house plants that blooms delightful white flowers that emits a sweet and soothing fragrance which has a mildly sedative affect. A study revealed that the scent of gardenia was just as effective as medical prescribed sedatives in being a mood enhancer and inducing a relaxed state of mind without any side effects.

5. Bamboo Palm

Get better sleep at night by placing a bamboo palm plant in your bedroom.

The bamboo palm can get rid of harmful pollutants in the air such as benzene and trichloroethylene which have been linked to severe health issues such as cancer and respiratory problems. Expect to have plenty of restful sleep by placing one in your bedroom.

6. English Ivy

Put an english ivy plant in your bedroom to get better sleep at night.

The English Ivy plant is the perfect house plant for those with allergies as research has shown it is the best plant for purifying the air from mold and other known allergens. English Ivy is inexpensive and thrives in the shade, as it does not require much upkeep.

7. Lavender

Get better sleep at night by placing a lavender house plant in your bedroom.

To no surprise, lavender is a house plant whose scent has been scientifically researched and proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and to slow down your heart rate which are all important factors for deep, restful sleep. If you want to have your best sleep ever, then having a lavender plant in your bedroom is a must.


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