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You’ll be amazed at the different ways that you can use flour sack towels to maintain your home and save money.

Keep reading to learn how a simple flour sack towel can dramatically change the way you handle your household chores.

10 Uses for Flour Sack Towels

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What are flour sack towels really? A brief history. 

Flour sack towels are made from thin, tightly woven cotton threads with a texture similar to cheesecloth but more durable.

This material rose to prominence during the Great Depression when manufacturers began to package food staples such as flour, sugar and cornmeal in this type of fabric to cut costs and save money.

Many housewives found themselves reusing these flour sacks for several tasks in the home from cooking, cleaning and making clothes.

Through the years, flour sack towels have grown a solid reputation for being a household staple as a cloth that is incredibly versatile, highly absorbent, lint free and a economical option for anyone who desires to have a paperless kitchen.

If you’re wondering what you can do with a flour sack towel, check out the list below!

Flour sack towels are amazing and have so many uses in and around the home.

What can I do with a flour sack towel?

1. Clean mirrors and windows– Flour sack towels are lint free which makes them perfect for streak-free cleaning of windows and mirrors.

2. Dust and polish furniture- They make amazing dusting cloths because they are lint-free and soft to the touch. They also work really well as a cloth used for staining wood. Tie a towel around the bristles of a broom and use to clean spider webs and ceiling fan blades.

3. Strain foods– Flour sack cloth is thin but can be layered as needed to strain foods such as stocks and cheeses.

4. Baking cover- Dust the towel with flour and use it to cover bread while baking or to cover freshly baked goods to keep them warm.

5. Line serving trays- Flour sack towels make a wonderful liner for serving food such as hot dinner rolls as it will keep them warm and keep the container clean and free from crumbs.

6. Reusable gift wrap- This fabric is great for wrapping gifts, food and even bottles of champagne or wine adding just a touch of simple vintage charm. You can also use flour sack towels to make crafts for friends and family. 

7. Fruit and veggie drainer- After rinsing fruits and vegetables, wrap with a flour sack towel to dry and absorb remaining water.

8. Refrigerator liner– can be used to line refrigerator shelves and bins. If placed in bins, can be used slightly damp to keep vegetables and fruit moist and preserve them for longer periods of time.

9. All around kitchen cleaning- can be used to wipe down counter tops, dry dishes and and clean spills. Flour sack towels are the perfect replacement for paper towels as they can be washed and reused.

10. First AidFlour sack towels can be cut and used to cover wounds, wrap sprains and for cushioning painful injuries.

These are just a few of my favorite cleaning tips involving flour sack towels! As you can tell, flour sack towels can be a very hand item to have in your home.

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