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Ok, it’s time to dust off those shoes you do not wear any more and give them a fresh start.

In this post, I will share with you 13 brilliant ways to salvage your old dirty shoes and to make them look like new again.

If you have a pair of shoes that you don’t wear anymore because you thought they were ruined, I’m here to tell you that there is hope!

Keep scrolling below to check out these amazing shoe cleaning hacks!

13 Shoe Cleaning Hacks

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1. Use nail polish remover to clean stains from the rubber soles of your sneakers. 

Use fingernail polish remover to clean the rubber soles of your tennis shoes. Repin if you think this is an awesome idea!

Nail polish remover is great for quickly removing stains from your favorite tennis shoes.

Via Krazy Koupon Lady

2. Use petroleum jelly on a q-tip to help remove scuff marks on your patent leather shoes. 

Dip a cotton swab in petroleum jelly and use it scrub away scruff marks on patent leather shoes. Repin if you think this is a cool hack!

Vaseline helps to soften scuff marks as well as remove them from your shoes without any damage.

Via Today

3. Use white vinegar to remove water stains from your leather boots. 

Remove water stains from your leather boots using water and white vinegar.Via Good Housekeeping

To get of those hard to remove water stains on your boots, make a solution of water and white vinegar to remove them instantly.

4. Use a fingernail file to remove stains and dirt spots from your suede shoes. 

Clean dirt from your suede shoes using a nail file. Repin!

A nail file helps to buff aways the fibers that’s holding the stain on your suede shoes.

Via Good Housekeeping

5. Use shampoo to get rid of oil stains from your shoes. 

Remove oil stains on your shoes with shampoo. Repin!

Use a cheap shampoo to remove oil stains from your sneakers and other shoes.

Via Who What Wear

6. Use a white rubber eraser to get rid of dirty spots on your suede shoes. 

Clean you suede shoes using a white eraser.

Similar to a nail file, a white rubber eraser helps remove stains by buffing away the stained fibers.

Via One Good Thing by Jillee

7. Use Dawn dish soap to clean the inside your fleece-lined shoes. 

Clean the inside of your fleece lined shoes using Dawn dish soap. Repin!

Using Dawn dish soap is a quick and easy way to clean the inside your dirty fleece-lined shoes.

Via Jennah’s Garden

8. Use beeswax to make your shoes waterproof.

Use beeswax to waterproof your shoes. Repin!

Beeswax helps by adding a protective covering to your shoes which will make them water and stain proof.

Via Brit.co

9. Use hair conditioner to shine your boots. 

After cleaning your leather boots, use a little bit or hair conditioner to shine them. Repin!

After cleaning your leather boots, you can try polishing them with a small amount of hair conditioner to make your boots look like new again.

Via 11 and Chic

10. Use plain, white toothpaste to clean dirt from your leather shoes. 

Use plain white toothpaste to clean your leather shoes. Repin!

Plain white toothpaste will remove stains and grime from leather shoes easily.

Via Pinterest

11. Use plain black and white printed newspaper to shine your shoes if in a pinch. 

Use newspaper to quickly shine black leather shoes. Repin!

If short on time and money, using a simple piece of newspaper(preferably a page with no color printed on it) to shine and buff your leather shoes.

Via Good Housekeeping

12. Use a mesh bag to store sneakers when placing them in your washing and drying machines. 

Use a mesh bag to wash and dry your shoes without them tumbling around. Repin!

Hang your shoes in a mesh bag over your washer and dryer machine door to prevent them from tumbling around.

Via Glamumous

13. Make your own deodorizer to get rid of smells coming from your shoes. 

Make your own shoe deodorizer to get rid of bad smells in shoes. Repin!

Via The Homemade Experiment

You can make your own shoe deodorizer using cornstarch, baking soda and your favorite essential oils. Your shoes will always smell great! Full tutorial can be found here. 

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