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Becoming a full-time house sitter has so many perks! Not only will you be able to work your own hours, but you’ll be able to travel around the world rent-free! If this gig sounds like the perfect job for you then keep reading to learn how you can become a professional house sitter and earn a living on your terms.

How to Become a Full-Time House Sitter

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If you’re the type of person who loves to travel, enjoys meeting new people and would like the freedom to work on your own then becoming a house sitter would be a very fulfilling career for you.

What is a house sitter?

A house sitter is simply a trustworthy person that is paid to stay in someone’s home for a short period of time to maintain it, watch their pets or handle other tasks while they are away. As a house sitter your primary responsibility is to love and care for the home as if it was your own.

What are the benefits of being a house sitter?

  • Make new friends– As a house sitter, you’ll have the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world and be able to interact with different cultures and people. This will allow you to make new friends, creating a richer life experience.
  • Cheap travel- There’s no need to worry about hotel accommodations! You’ll be able to stay wherever and whenever all the while getting paid for it.
  • Become a valued member of many families- You’ll build trust with many families as you become an important asset to managing the homes that you stay in. These personal connections can bring immense value to your life both as references and friends.
  • Freedom of choice- You decide where you want to stay and when you want to do it. How you work is ultimately your choice.
  • Unlimited income- There’s no income cap as a house sitter. You’ll be able to earn as much money as you want making this an awesome career to pursue full or part-time!

How much do house sitters make?

Of course income varies if you’re house sitting full or part-time but average salaries range from $21,000-$51,000 a year. In the US, the average salary of a professional house sitter is $36,000 a year.

How do I become a house sitter?

It’s actually quite simple to become a house sitter because there are no school or degree requirements. You just have to present yourself as an honest,  and professional individual to those that want to hire you. To enhance your credibility as such, it would be wise to first get a full background check and create a well-written resume with a solid list of references before searching for house sitting jobs.

Where can I find house sitting jobs?

House sitting jobs are available almost anywhere! A simple google search can help you find many resources. However, it would be in your best interest to look for vetted opportunities through a professionally managed and trusted house sitting network such as House Carers who has been operating for over 17 years. Through House Carers you’ll be able to create a free profile, advertise your services to thousands of homeowners in need as well as receive instant emails of house sitting opportunities in your desired locations.

Becoming a house sitter can be a very fun and rewarding career with very low entry barriers. You can begin to enjoy the freedom, cheap travel and several other perks that house sitting has to offer by signing up here with House Carers today.